Period Parties?

Just saw a report on these this morning on Huffpo:

Red food and red balloons? Bloody Marys? themed piñatas? Pin-the-tampon-on-the-Vagina?

I appreciate the sentiment and even the need (to counter the stigma), but my mind is going into overdrive on snarky comments and parodies, which I will refrain from writing – it’s too easy, and would be branded as too insensitive.

I’ve never encountered one of these in the wild and wonder if they’re real, but here’s a funny video about one: First Moon Party - YouTube

Why do you give a shit what other people do? Especially, why do youj give so much of a shit that you are seething with barely restrained snark?

It seems like an excuse to have a party. I would find it tacky too, but no weirder than half the shit that people do.

Girls having parties celebrating a body function that they’ve been taught to hide and feel shame about by our culture.

Let’s point and laugh. Har har. Snicker, snicker.

OP was written by a twelve year old.

Boy, snark about snark. It’s meta-snark.
I care because I’m interested. And my wanting to comment shouldn’t be confused with disdain.

Nope. I’m commenting on a social development. And note that I purposely did NOT make any negative comments, and spoke about the positive value of the parties.

Post was written by someone inattentive.

The first bolded part contradicts your concern in the second bolded part.

And you did not “refrain from writing” the snarky comments. You opened with them.

Spare me your “interest” in the subject.:rolleyes:

That’s not what I was expecting when I saw the thread title.

I thought, “A party where people come dressed in the style of a particular historical period, and have food and drinks and entertainment from that period? Sounds like a neat idea.”

I know women who have done them for their teenage daughters after they have their first period - sans the bloody mary’s of course. A first period can be a sort of traumatic event - especially if you are early with it (not getting it becomes traumatic if you are among the last - in a different fashion). My girlfriends and I took my daughter to lunch and welcomed her into the club when she had hers.

And it sounds like tacky fun to do it as an adult. Heck, who doesn’t like to get drunk and make fun of something that is otherwise a pain in the ass (well, a pain near the ass). My girlfriends are all into menopause now - which creeps up too slowly to celebrate. In terms of inappropriate behavior, its better than shoving dollar bills in the g-string of some girl young enough to be your daughter - which is apparently how men inappropriately let loose.

I’m not confusing your wanting to comment with disdain, I’m just noting the disdain in your comments.

Were you aware that the bolded parts were real suggestions from one of the links he mentions, and not things he made up? (Also, the suggested bloody marys are virgin… which is somehow appropriate)

Man, low-hanging fruit for HuffPo there. They went over this - albeit briefly - in 2014 when there was a viral ad for the “HelloFlo” feminine products service.

The SDMB then tried to get to the bottom of whether or not “period parties” were a real thing.

As a woman, my reaction is: nope :eek:. Just no. What’s next, a runny nose party?

I guess I can see the point, but seems to me there’s a difference between not being ashamed or embarrassed by a normal bodily function and celebrating it with what sounds like a tacky event. Or is this from the “Any Excuse For A Party” Department?

Well clearly, it must be someone’s Time Of The Month, amirite guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Too easy?)

It’s a classic HuffPro article. A few people did something a few times and now let’s pretend this is something regular.

No difference between this and “Millennials are now having sex with blenders!”

Eyeroll and move on to the next random fad HuffPro feels exists


These parties are thrown to “counter the stigma”? WTF?

This is among the stupidest things I’ve read lately.

Huh. Mom and I went out for a “just us girls” lunch to commemorate the first time I got my period. Question is, are these parties for the first time a girl’s gotten her period, or do they have these once a month?

Well clearly, *someone *is just as immature as the OP.