What set is Jay Leno using now for the Tonight Show?

When Conan took over, he made a big deal about the beautiful new studio that NBC built for him for his version of The Tonight Show. Now that he’s gone and Jay’s back, is Jay using the same studio, just with aesthetic changes?

I seem to recall a story (can’t find the link, sorry) from a few months back that had pictures of Conan’s Tonight Show set being torn down.
To me it looks like Jay is still using the same set from his 10 p.m. show.

Wow, that’s a shame if it is true. They spent more time building it than using it and you think they would lease it out, at least.

Yes, Leno is using the set that was built for his 10 pm show.

Conan’s set was in a different spot, it was at Universal Studios. They build and tear down movie sets all the time.