What Should I Do? Job Seekers Allowance

I got sacked from my job for gross misconduct (I was late) I leave the job, live off my wages for a month, then claim Job Seekers Allowance.

When they interviewed me on the phone, I said I left because I wasn’t happy there.

Now I know, it’s my fault, I should of been honest from the start, I buggered things up.

They’ve sent me a letter probing me further as to why I ‘left’ the job, and I have to reply back within a week.

So I have been deliberating.

A) Be a man, and be honest and say I lied, but I don’t know what the consequences will be. (So far I’ve only had £200 JSA)


B) Write a carefully crafted answer explaining why I left, even though it says they might contact the former employer about why I left.

What should I do? What are the consequences of this?

I think you should seek professional legal help before you decide to do anything.
Since people on this message board are probably not familiar with your local laws, and definitely not familiar with your personal case, I think I’ll close this thread.