What should I do with this seitan?

So I had a bit at a barbeque and liked it a lot and picked some up at my most recent trip to The Local Hippie Store ™. I’m now at a loss as what to do with it. We eat a lot of pasta and Mexican food and such. . . maybe something on top of rice would be easiest? Any suggestions? Should I just use it like chicken in a burrito or something?

Don’t do it! Don’t be tempted by that vile Seitan! :smiley:

Or just use it however you would use boneless chicken.

My boyfriend’s sister makes some great fake bacon using seitan. She cuts it into strips and marinates it in barbecue sauce and liquid smoke and ketchup and who knows what else and then uses it to make awesome BLTs! I’m sure there must be a facon recipe to be had somewhere online!

hail seitan!