Pork belly

I’ve never used pork belly. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it. I bought a pre-cooked package from Trader Joe’s. Now how do I use it? Slice it and use it like bacon in a sandwich, and heating it and tearing it up for tacos, are obvious. Anything else?

Slice fairly thick and serve next to a wedge of iceberg lettuce and cover with a good bleu cheese dressing. Not something from a bottle, but one you make yourself with buttermilk and Maytag.

Food of the gods.

I’ve heard it works well for futures.

When I went to an Asian market to get some pork belly to make bacon, they asked me if I was going to deep fry it. Apparently that’s a thing. Cook it in the oven for a while or boil it, then cut it into cubes and deep fry it (as is–no breading) and serve it with some kind of sauce (soy?)

My wife makes it into twice-cooked pork, which is perhaps what the people at the Asian market meant by deep-fried pork belly. You slice it, boil it and then fry it in sauce.

Tiger Sauce might work for dipping cubes of pork belly.

I thought that pork belly was just uncured bacon.

Makes a damn fine banh mi.

Momofuku Pork Buns
Really outstanding, and if you don’t feel like making the buns white rice works very well.

Pork Belly and scrambled eggs. Mmmmmmm. We got the TJs stuff too. It’s pretty good. I think I also used it for some carnitas.