What should I know about Windows App store?

If it matters, I’m running Windows 10. So, what should I know about the store? Are there any countries that block the store wholly or partially?

no but be aware theres not too much on there game wise tho …

I recently got Windows 10 myself. (My old computer died unexpectedly.)

I’ve poked around the app store a little bit. There are 3 categories: free; mostly free but some aspects of the app require a purchase; and paid.

Be advised that if you want any of the classic Windows games, such as Minesweeper, they are available ONLY through the store.

I ran across this handy list of games that may help you out.

it has potential, but right now it’s still kind of an afterthought for software developers. For a few reasons:

  1. “Modern” Windows (now called Universal Windows Platform or UWP) has gone through several fits and restarts in its short history

  2. the two “re-sets” of Windows Phone surely didn’t help; at first it was “Silverlight is the way,” then with Windows Phone 8 it was “WinRT, screw that Silverlight shit,” and now with 10 it’s UWP. Hopefully they’ve drawn a line in the sand and stabilize it from this point forward.

  3. Windows 10 is the first where modern/UWP apps can run windowed. A big deal; 8.x forced modern apps to run full screen and/or side-by-side, and a hell of a lot of people hated that on desktops and laptops. I didn’t mind Windows 8 and 8.1, but I practically never used modern apps because of that. It’s fine for a tablet, though, given Apple’s recent copy of it on the iPad Pro.

The other thing is that UWP apps should all mostly be “sandboxed,” there are much stronger mechanisms in place to prevent them from running amok over your system compared to legacy Windows programs.