What should you eat before, during & after exercise to prevent glycogen depletion

This may not be the best message board to ask but I’m too lazy to sign up for one of those running message boards.

If I exercise I get insomnia for the next 3 days, which makes it hard to exercise. Whenever I try to talk to people about it many just assume it is a copout to avoid exercising, but it is a valid thing. Lower intensity exercise like walking doesn’t cause this, but higher intensity exercise (ones that push my heart rate to 70% max or higher) do. I am thinking this could be due to glycogen depletion and want to test it by exercising in a way that pushes my heart rate up but keeping my glycogen stores high (by preventing depletion in the first place and by replenishing them effectively) to see if I still get the insomnia.

I have heard eating simple sugars during exercise can provide an alternative to glycogen during exercise (sports drinks, soda, etc). Also a large, high carb, medium GI meal 1-4 hours before exercise is good too to provide an alternative fuel source. Plus carbs after the workout (within 2 hours max, preferably ASAP), supposedly a 4:1 ratio of high GI carb to protein is good since that increases the insulin response. Supposedly carbs before bed is a good idea too.

Is there anything else? A high carb, low fat, medium GI meal 1-4 hours before exercise, high GI carbs during exercise and a 4:1 ratio of high GI carbs and protein after exercise.

This is pretty much it.
No soda, the carbonation you don’t want to deal with and the sugar concentration is too high for good absorption. Most commercial sports drinks need to be diluted 2:1 from shelf strength.

While a high carb meal before works, it’s not as effective if you’re on a low-carb diet. Your glycogen levels would be low enough that a single meal won’t fully replenish your stores.

How long are your workouts?

When I would do regular cardio I liked to do 40-60 minutes, which would burn about a thousand calories.

With a normal amount of carbs(55-65% of calories) in your diet, you shouldn’t need any special meal plans before your workout.

Ditto for after, a recovery meal is good but no need to obsess. A normal diet should provide plenty of carbs for refueling.

I used to do long runs of 15-20 miles without eating beforehand(morning).