What shows to watch on tv like breaking bad?

Watched breaking bad and i loved this show. Any shows similar?

Similar how?

The Shield and the Sopranos are vaguely similar. Middle aged white guys doing bad things and trying to hide it from their boring families.

If you’re looking for drugs and violence(along with some really snappy dialogue), try Justified.

I’ll second The Shield, The Sopranos and Justified. Deadwood?

If you enjoyed watching a horrible person move through various positions of power through horrible means, and not knowing whether you should cheer for them to succeed or fail, House of Cards may be for you!

Are you looking for shows that are on right now or shows to rewatch from the past?

In my opinion, the two best scripted dramas on TV right now are Game of Thrones and The Americans, with a possible honorable mention to True Detective (I’m only partway through the season, will wait and see when it’s done what I think).

I’ll second Game of Thrones for brilliant writing.

If you have Netflix, Orange Is The New Black has a certain resemblance to Breaking Bad – it’s about an upper middle class white person who does bad things and winds up in prison. Except she’s a woman. More emphasis on character development than action, but really well written.

The Wire is like Breaking Bad in that it’s good.

If it’s excellent writing and characters that you’re looking for (as well as not having completely formulaic, clichéd plots), I recommend Suits. I am desperately in love with this show for being dramatic, funny and intelligent, and it never makes me want to throw my shoe at the tv (like some zombie shows I could name).

*Damages, *with Glenn Close as a pretty nasty lawyer who will do just about anything to get her way. Some seasons are better than others.