Recommend a TV Series to me! (...please)

So I used to think serialized TV shows were a waste of time…then I found Breaking Bad. And that started an addiction that has seen me tear through:

Band of Brothers
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
Walking Dead

All in the last few months. But now I need more shows to watch! I’ve tried giving The Wire a try, but the first episode nearly put me to sleep.

So what shows should I check out?

(Semi-related question: Is The Sopranos worth checking out, even if I know the ending?)

I’m sure a lot of people will come in and say you need to give The Wire 4-5 episodes. I couldn’t get in to it even after that many.

I really enjoyed The Shield. I cranked out the whole thing in about 2 months. There was a lot of times when I just had to watch the next episode, even if it was the middle of the night and I had to go to work the next day.

I know several people who are absolutely hooked on The West Wing, watching every series over and over.

I mentioned it jokingly to my son (he’s 24) and he borrowed it from a friend. He has watched nothing else on TV since he got it. He tapes everything he would normally watch and watches more of The West Wing.

ETA I have never seen a single episode, so I personally wouldn’t have a clue…yet.

The shows you listed are favorites of mine too, so please, give The Wire another chance. Start when you have some free time. I wasn’t hooked at first either, but I’ve watched all five seasons at least four times. Now the first episode is my favorite.

Also Justified – it’s not a typical cop show. It’s in its fourth season, with relationships that have carried through. It’s based on a character created by Elmore Leonard, a master of dialogue. It warrants close attention to plot development. There’s some violence and it can be dark, but it’s also fun.

Try Deadwood and Rome, if you haven’t already, and the BBC version of Sherlock. Also Sleeper Cell, a Showtime series from a few years back.

It only lasted one season, but everybody loves Firefly.

The ending may have left many unsatisfied, but The Sopranos is great stuff, probably #1 on my all time list.

if you’re looking for something really intense maybe check out the first season of Homeland.

The first season (ONLY) of 24 and Heroes. They have self contained storylines - you don’t need to continue, and shouldn’t.

Others to try:
The Tudors
Dexter (uneven but the first 2 seasons are definitely great)
ETA: Bearing in mind, of course, that at this point you’re comparing everything with some of the best television ever made so… I’m not saying any of these are necessarily the equal of “Breaking Bad.” Maybe “Rome.”

Firefly and BBC’s Sherlock


I second BBC’s Sherlock. There are six episodes out, with each episode an hour and a half.

The best shows of the past few years include many already named, but

The Wire
The Sopranos
The Shield
Terriers (the bastards killed it after only one season)
Sons of Anarchy
The Good Wife

Rome, The Sopranos, Battlestar Galactica and The Pacific (assuming you liked Band of Brothers a lot).

Doctor Who

Great shows

Since it hasn’t been said yet (but soon will). Six Feet Under.

Also, Twin Peaks. It’s a very short series. If you’re one of those people that does marathons of shows, you can knock out Twin Peaks in long weekend (or maybe week if you do a couple of episodes a day). And if you become a hardcore fan, it has a movie to go with it (Fire Walk With Me).

The Wire. Started watching it when I was 17 and pulled me in immediately. You need to reevaluate yourself.

I’d skip The Pacific. I found it not even close to the same quality as Band of Brothers. The storyline is muddled and hard to follow, the cinematography is poor, and the whole thing was pretty disappointing. YMMV.

American Horror Story

I’m always on the lookout for great shows I missed the first time around.

I am currentlly catching up on Friday Night Lights, which I highly recommend.

I read the first 11 posts, marveling, “No one has suggested Six Feet Under??”

Twin Peaks is interesting but I seem to recall that the last 1/3 was kind of murky.

I suppose it should actually say “Twin Peaks…until you find out who the murderer is.” But if you made it that far you’re part of the cult and there’s really no point in not watching the last, what, 6 episodes or so.

I don’t think Pushing Daisies has been mentioned yet either, though it may be an acquired taste for some. And I also enjoyed John from Cincinnati. It was not nearly as good as Deadwood but it was written/produced by some of the same people and shared many unique attributes.

If you are looking for current shows… try Banshee and The Following (only one ep so far but seems to be pretty good.)

Also you can jump right into this season of Justified as I did.