What size pipe for a pull-up bar?

I’m going to mount a pull-up bar in my garage. I’ll probably just use a length of threaded pipe from Home Depot.

Assuming it’ll be 3-4’ long, and I weigh about 220. What size diameter and material (galvanized or black, does it matter) should I use?

I put up a bar on my kids’ tree house for more acrobatic pursuits, but I tested it out ahead of time (290 lbs. for 5.5 pull ups). We used a 36" by 1.5" OD galvanized pipe ($8 with two end caps) from the local lumberyard. It is surviving Seattle rainy winters quite well although I did notice that the galvanized is being worn smooth from use- I like the original “grippyness” of the galvanized but the kids wanted something more polished for spinning around on. I wouldn’t recommend less than 1.5" diameter as that is almost too thin to be comfortable for long for me.

1.5" allows a good grip.

If you’re really concerned, use 1-1/2 inch pipe, capped and sturdily mounted, and slide a piece of 1 inch inside it. (I think that combination just works… it might be 3/4 inside 1-1/2). It may bend very slightly over time but no more… and far less than a single pipe will.

Sounds like 1-1/2 is the way to go…thanks!

On second thought, I guess I’ll make that the minimum. I have big hands, so I might just have to wrap my hands around some pipe and see what feels good. IYKWIM.

The right size bar is important.

you planning to do both chin ups and pull ups? chin ups the palms facing in works your biceps and pecs. pull ups with palms out works the back muscles.

I’ve set up a couple chin-up bars using 1.5" closet rod (the heavy gauge variety). Very strong, stainless chrome, cheap. You can secure it with the end caps made for the purpose or run chain or cable through it. Diameter might be a little big, but it won’t bend.

I got a 72" 1-1/2" o/d galvanized pipe.

Don’t have much wall space, so I had to get creative.

I have attic steps nailed to studs on one wall, so I married up a couple of 1x4 and screwed them between steps. Then I bored a 1-1/2" hole through them. Bored same hole through the 4x4 and put diagonal bracing from it down to the floor from 3 sides.

Ran the pipe through the 4x4 and the married 1x4, put a cap on each end. End result, I can slide the 4x4 up close to the wall when I don’t need it.

It’s not 100% stable, but it’s close enough and it’s strong enough that I won’t worry about it falling over.