What software can make a video like this?

This is from youtube. The subject’s unimportant for this question but I’m referring to the video itself- it’s a fairly simple but effective homemade documentary that incorporates clips, still images, zoom-ins and narration. What software would allow you to make this? (Doesn’t have to be the software that made it, just one that will do the same thing.)



That doesnt look too complex to me. Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro should be able to handle that just fine.

Is iMovie for Macs only or is there a PC version?

Thanks- I’ll check those out as well.

A colleague of mine told me that windows movie maker is capable of decent video editing.

I don’t have a PC, but I would probably start with this and see if that has the functionality necessary. Premiere and Final Cut are a bit too complex for that task (in my opinion). I would try Adobe Premiere Elements before Premiere, personally.

It looks like iMovie to me too.

As for what created it, that’s a PowerPoint Slide Show, either captured as a movie (using VMWare View / vSphere Client, XenDesktop, an NTSC capture board or something similar), or created in Mac PowerPoint and Saved as QuickTime.

Recorded Narartion, embedded movies, Cut transitions, Fade, Crawl and Zoom In From Screen Center animations…it’s got PPT all over it.

Pulykamell is right. Those two are what you turn to when you want something complex. They’re not cheap ($800 and $1000 respectively).

I’ve done moving photo-slideshows better than the one linked to in the OP using nothing more than the crappy video editing software that came free with a DVD burner. (Actually, the photo-manipulation tools were surprisingly good, but the rest of it made me angry using it.)

Premiere Elements is the way to go (for PC).