What songs did it take you a while to 'get?'

Often, I’ll listen to a song over and over and over, and I’ll never really listen to the lyrics. Then one day, I’m in the car, and I really pay attention to the song, and I say “WOW…THAT’S what the song is about? Whoa…can’t believe I missed that until now.”

I had one such epiphany while listening to “Silo Lullaby” by Toad the Wet Sprocket. (hidden track on Coil, and normal track on PS) About a month after getting Coil, I was listening to it again, and I just went: “Whoa…nuclear annihilation, and the people who press the button.”

What songs did this happen to you on?


(another for me is “The Flag” by BNL…don’t know HOW I missed that one…just never actually heard the words…just kind of went along with the music while ignoring the lyrics, I guess)

It’s the one song I never “got” off Presto, which I’m sure Coldy will flame me for believing is their masterpiece.

Then, about a year ago, I got it. Great song.

“The Gambler.” I’d heard it a few times and knew the chorus, of course. My dad had mentioned that he liked the song. Then one day I heard it on the radio and listened to all the words. I came home and said to my dad, “That’s horrible! The guy dies on the bus!”

For years I thought “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats was about nuclear war. Not that the actual story is any more cheery, obviously.

When I was about 10 years old I use to rollerskate to the song Afternoon Delight (not sure who thats by) but I never realized until in my early 20’s that it was about sex. Just thought it was about flying in an airplane - all those jet engine sounds in that background I guess. :wally

that would be The Starland Vocal Band, callie

Or train.

Schubert’s “The Erl-King.”

For years I thought it was a happy, peppy little thing, and then I finally read a translation from the German and realized the kid dies.

I always thought that ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ was about LSD. Then I realized it was aboout LSD. I’m glad I got that straight.

I’m a big Springsteen fan, and have owned the “Dancing in the Dark” cassette since I was like 7 or 8. A few years back, I bought Bruce’s Greatest Hits CD, and listened to that song 3.5 bajillion times. Finally it hit me that the song was about sex - at work one day. :rolleyes: I guess I thought they were doing the waltz in the dark, or something.

Also, I thought that song “Brick” that came out a few years back, by Ben Folds Five, was a love song. Bought the CD and everything. Then I heard the lead dude say it was about an abortion! Pretty shocking.

Not according to snopes.

It is? cough ahem, I mean… Why Yes, Of Course It Is. I knew that.


Godsmack’s “Voodoo”

About heroin.

The song “JET” by Paul Mccartney and Wings.
Now bear with me on this; for the longest time I HONESTLY thought that the song was about gays and cross dressers in the military. Its because at the time I didnt clearly hear or understand the word ‘suffragette’.

“(…I thought the major was a lady suffragette…)”

Thats the actual line in the song, but I always assumed he was saying:
…I thought the major was a lady, suffer again…

Meaning of course that some dumb guy had mistaken a man for a woman, had fallen in love with her/him and was shocked to find out the truth, but decided to marry him/her anyway.
Imagine MY surprise upon realizing how off I was about that!!!! :o