What songs hypnotize you?

I’m listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack and listening to the “Creepy” song. It’s short, but it puts me into a hypnotic state. The deep violins and the heavy synthesized voice “now you know where he lives” always do it for me. I can undergo dental surgery with that going on.

In The Fifth Element, when the dark force says “I’ll be with you soon” that hypnotizes me too.

What’s hypnotic for you?

I guess the closest I can come to being ‘hypnotised’ is when this particular song makes me stop whatever I’m doing and just listen to it all the way to the end…

A Lark Ascending.

Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison.

Mike Mills,” by Air.

Sheila Chandra trances me.
Sheila Chandra- Ever so lonely
especially, Sheila Chandra’s- Bone Crone Drone

Sparklehorse- Apple Bed

Never/Ever - The Black Angels
Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off - Peter, Bjorn And John
For Agent 13 - The Besnard Lakes

Im like a fish, where simple chord progressions are my shiny things :slight_smile:

I raise you O Superman. Close your eyes and ignore the video. I’m such a sucker for vocoders.

Just like honeyThe Killing Moon.

My Bloody Valentine’s Moon Song

Temple of Love.

Black Mass


A number of DJs have done mixes that can put me into a trance. I’ve been relistening to Sandra Collins’ “Cream” for a few years now, and it still knocks my brain waves down a notch.

Currently, “Three Days” by Jane’s Addiction is my song of choice.

Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

If you get motion sickness, best not to watch the video. Just close your eyes :slight_smile:

I’m always looking for good stuff like this, I’ll be checking out Sandra Collins. Thanks


The Beatles’ Across the Universe and John Cale’s Hallelujah.

It may be a cliche, but I get a mild buzz from Eyna’s song “Orinoco Flow”. For full-on hypnosis I turn to Radiohead. I enjoy the music, but it hits me like a stack of Thorazine waffles. I zone out and will fall asleep sitting up with my eyes open.

“Blood Milk and Sky” by White Zombie is very hypnotic to me. “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin too, though to a lesser extent.

Johnny’s Cash’s cover of NIN “Hurt”.

The title song from Never Ending Story

Pet Shop Boys - “West End Girls”

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star