What sort of job should I look for?

I am looking for a job (hence the thread).

It would very likely end up being temporary as I need to support myself while writing a book. I also plan on having numerous adventures in the up-coming months that will require my departure.

I doubt I’ll have much experience in any jobs suggested and as to my skills, I don’t have all that many specific ones except that I have exceptional people skills, I am a genius, I have more than my fair share of good looks (although I have let them go to waste as of late), I am hilarious and I am also overwhelmingly humble.

What would be a good job for me?

Wait tables
Work in a bookstore (or anything retail)
Babysit. Hey…it’s good money.
Tutor for the remainder of the school year

All jobs are temporary. Don’t let “the man” tell you any different.

Theme Park character.

There are no theme parks near by. :frowning:

You can freelance (as a Theme Park character).

How can I do that if there are no theme parks near-by?

Dude, you’d be freelancing. You totally wouldn’t need the Theme Parks.

Try applying to be a substiute teacher. Lots of palces don’t require you to ahve any kind of teaching degree or license tyo be a sub, and you really only work when you want to. On the flip side, you also only work when they want you to. So if all the tachers in your area are healthy and not on vacation, you aren’t going to be getting any work. But if you live in an area with a alrge enough population, then odds are you can get pretty sterady work as a sub. (I remember my brother wuold work as a sub during his long breaks while in college, and even in a small town of a few thousand he was called in almost every day.)

That sounds pretty cool.

How would I find out about such a job?

Nor do they require one to be able to spell obviously.

try being a secretary or receptionist

or working in daycare if you like kids

waiting tables and working in retail are also good temporary jobs

Or try a temp agency

You could go to work for a nursing home or home for disabled people or any other type of home for people who require extra care.

you could drive a taxi or something

or do custodial work

Want to hear something interesting? I read through that whole post breezily, without the slightest thought or notice of any sort of typo.

When I saw your comment, I went back and looked at it carefully and was rather astounded by just how many mistakes there were.

Guess it’s just not something I normally care to look for.