What sort of specialty store would stock nylon washers?

No, I’m not looking for a washing machine just for ladies’ hosiery.

I’m looking for the washers you use with nuts and bolts, but ones that are made out of nylon. Specifically, I’m looking for nylon “fender” washers that have an outer diameter of about 1" with a hole of about 1/8" or 3/16". (Note to non-hardware geeks: Fender washers have a relatively small hole compared to the washer’s outer diameter.)

Now, I’m aware that Home Depot and Radio Shack carry some nylon washers, but not in the fender-style I’m looking for. I was wondering if there might be some retail specialty shop – auto parts, appliance repair, locksmith, etc. – that would carry such an item as standard stock. I know I could probably order the things online, but I’d prefer to just get them from a nearby retail store.

FYI, I’m building about a dozen lighting units that will have swivel heads. The washers will give the heads a smooth swivel action.

Thanks in advance.

If you were here, I’d say Tacoma Screw. If you have any place theat sells rock polishing supplies, they might have what you’re looking for, my polisher uses nylon, fendered, washers to keep the barrel centered.

I’ve used pieces like that on various parts of sailboats and I know they’re a standard part of my dad’s box of spare boat parts. Perhaps a boating / marine store would have them.

Just blocks from my house there’s a good-old-fashioned hardware store with one entire aisle devoted to nuts, bolts, washers and fasteners of various types. They have multiple sizes of fender washers.

Nylon screws and washers aren’t that odd – I’ll bet any reasonably well-stocked hardware store would have them. You don’t even need to go to a behemoth like Home Depot.

Yep, either a hardware store or an automotive supply store. But if you’re really looking for long-wearing friction free surfaces, you might look into ultra high molecular weight polyethelene sheets. It’s often used in woodworking jigs because it wears well and has a low-coefficient of friction.

I know you said you didn’t want to order on-line, and I know there is some resentment to the sponsored links on the board, but damn, you’ve got to admire the accuracy of the links to the thread topic here.

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MSC Industrial Supply has a fair assortment of nylon hardware, and another good bet would be McMaster-Carr.

I could swear I’ve bought nylon fender washers at big-box stores like Home Depot before. If not them, a local Ace or independent is a good bet.

Small Parts (www.smallparts.com) has several types of nylon washers including shoulder and fender (Wide, in their nomenclature) The washers themselves are cheap, and there’s no minimum order but $12 for shipping anything under ten pounds may be a bit dear for a packet of washers.

I don’t believe this! I was going to say, "If you were in Albuquerque, I’d send you to Barnhill Bolt - and there’s a link to the very place. I know it’s “online”, but this is a small, local company that’s been in business longer than I’ve lived here. They’re great in person - willing to spend time with you discussing the finer points of your fastening needs - and I’ll bet they’d be just as nice online.

Ooh, and look! They even have a Google ad at the bottom of the page! I’m going to have to call and tell them how impressed I am.

McMaster-Carr. It’s like an online lovechild of a hardware store and Google. It has things you didn’t know you needed, and frankly never knew existed until you have seen them here.

If you’ve got a little independent hardware store near you, try there first. This is a good rule anytime you need hardware.
If they don’t have it, try McMaster-Carr

They have damn near anything ready to ship today.

If you’ve got a little independent hardware store near you, try there first. This is a good rule anytime you need hardware.
If they don’t have it, try McMaster-Carr

They have damn near anything ready to ship today.

They also sell PROTO brand tools which are all but impossible to find anywhere else.

What do you need the washers for.

Just curious.

Read the fourth paragraph of the OP.

MSC Industrial Supply also sells Proto-they’re one of the few tool manufacturers who still make 8 point sockets, and their pricing is a little better than McMaster.

I know of two small local hardware stores here that would have them. I would think that any such store that is still in business in the latter part of 2005 would stock these kinds of things. That’s the reason they are still around.