What stars are you star-crossed with?

There’s lots of lists of birthdays of famous people, but this is the the official one for movie and TV stars.


Since it’s so complete, you can find yourself in plenty of good company.
Out of hundreds of actors with my date, I culled these worthies:
Cameron Crowe
**Cheech Marin **
**Harrison Ford **
**Patrick Stewart **
Bob Crane

Who’s sitting on your birthday dais?

My birthday is February 8. Here’s what I have:

*The younger brother on the Adventures of Pete & Pete is the exact same age as me, as he was born the same year.

  • Seth Green
  • Gary Coleman (oh hazzah)
  • John Grisham
  • Mary Steenburgen
  • Nick Nolte
  • Ted Koppel
  • John Williams
  • James Dean
  • Jack Lemmon
  • Jules Verne

Huh. I get lumbered with Bronson Pinchot and Cher.

For May 10:

[li]Fred Astaire[/li][li]David O. Selznick[/li][li]Bono[/li][li]Erik Palladino (“ER”)[/li]**[/ul]

Antonin Dvorak, David Arquette, Peter Sellers, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Patsy Cline are among those who share my birthday.
Kind of an interesting to see…though I admit to not recognizing many of the names.

For 18 September:
[ul][li]Jada Pinkett[/li][li]Frankie Avalon[/li][li]Greta Garbo[/li][/ul]And loads of people I haven’t heard of.
Mr. Nim (20 February) has:
[ul][li]Kurt Cobain[/li][li]Cindy Crawford[/li][li]Ivana Trump[/li]Sidney Poitier[/ul]

August 19th

[li]Former :smiley: President Bill Clinton :rolleyes:[/li][li]Matthew Perry (Friends)[/li][li]Tabitha Soren (she’s older than me :eek:!)[/li][li]Kyra Sedgwick (wife of Kevin Bacon)[/li][li]Mary Matalin (it’s good to have another Republican on board; sort-of balances out having to share my birthday with Bill Clinton :rolleyes:)[/li][li]Tipper Gore :eek:[/li][li]Gerald McRaney (Major Dad)[/li][li]Frank McCourt (Tis, some other book I can’t name)[/li][li]Gene Rodenberry (creator of Star Trek)[/li]

Also, Alec Baldwin :rolleyes: and Kim Basinger :rolleyes: were married on Autust 19th.

Nikita Khruschev and Sean Bean (006) among others.

I didn’t feel like checking all of the names.

Here’s what I found, that is the one’s I knew:
Musics Leanne Rimes and Shania Twain
Former NY Yankees Lou Pinella and Ron Guidry(Lousiana Lighting)
Figure Skaters Scotty Hamilton and Todd Eldridge (my daughter is a skater so thats why I’ve heard of em)
Jason Priestly - 90210
Roxie Roker - Jeffersons, and Lenny Kravits’ mom
Daniel Stern - Home Alone, Breaking Away, City Slickers, etc.
Richard Sanders - Les Nessman on WKRP
David Soul - Starsky and Hutch, Starsky?
Emma Samms - General Hospital and others
Ben Gazzarra - Seasoned actor with over 90 film credits

Names I recognized (there’s a lot I’ve never heard of):
James Garner
Russel Crowe
Jackie Chan
Tony Dorsett
Francis Ford Coppola
Bill Bellamy


Joan Cusak
Luke Perry
MC Lyte

That’s it…just them…the rest I haven’t heard of…Apparently my birthday isn’t a big spawning day for stars.

Stephen Krstulich was born on that day in 1983, making him my exact age. Upon my search for his credits, I found but one: an extra in The Waterboy. I must admit I was saddened by this information.

And finally (and I preface this by saying I randomly clicked a few random people’s names and that is the ONLY reason I know this)…I’d like to say that Victoria Andrews was born on this day…“Who is she?” you may ask. Perhaps I should list a few of her movie credits: “Chug-a-lug Girls 4” “Live Sex” “Nipples” “Passenger 69” AND it’s sequel, and yes…even the smash 1993 hit “Seymour Butts in Paradise”

Sweet mother of mercy, I share my birthday with a 32-year old porn star.

I share birthdays with:

Connie Chung
H.P. Lovecraft
Isaac Hayes
Robert Plant…
The rest of 'em, I’ve never even heard of.

You also share a birthday with me, non-native.

I recognized Peter Horton, Al Roker and Elizabeth Alda as well.

“Half Pint” from Little House on the Prairie was married on my birthday in 1988.

June 1st is the same b-day as:

Alanis Morissette
Heidi Klum
Bunny Blue (porn star, for those who don’t watch that sort of thing)
Powers Boothe
Jonathan Pryce
Rene Auberjonois
Cleavon Little
Morgan Freeman
Pat Boone
Andy Griffith
Marilyn Monroe
Pittamandalam Venktatachalapathy Pathy (no idea who this is, but that’s one hell of a name)

July 15th…

Forest Whitaker
Jesse Ventura
Tony Esposito (Former Chgo Blackhawks goalie)
Lolita Davidovich
Barry Melrose (Former Toronto Maple Leaf)
John Stallworth

Also, (not on this list), Rembrandt… :smiley:

I was born on June 5th and here the actors from the same day
Mark Wahlberg
Brian McKnight

Wow big bunch there!

My birthday is on May 1, and I share that birthday with Ray Parker, Jr. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe these lines from one of his songs will help :

      "If there's something strange
       in the neighborhood
       Who ya gonna call?.......

Yeah, I know that I am just the luckiest girl in the whole entireworld because I have the distinct honor of being born on the same date of such a creative musical genious.

It’s amazing to learn that I share my June 29th birthday with such notables as former congressman Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy (R-IA) and adult film actress Kaitlyn Ashley, star of such classics as Anal Intruder 11 and Blonds who Blow. :rolleyes:

Meanwhile, on that date, among those who died were Lana Turner, Bob Crane, Jayne Mansfield, Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arubckle, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Were it not for my entrance on that date, I’d have to grade it a net loser overall.

Feb. 16th

I don’t recognize anyone except

Ice T
Sonny Bono

and a long list of Porn Stars. hmmm…