What store(s) do you go to where everyone seems to know you?

There’s a really busy PetSmart about 1/2 mile from us that we take the dogs for their vet appointments and grooming (two separate operations inside PetSmart). I called up the grooming place to make an appointment and was asked the dogs’ names.

“Maggie and Spoon.”

“Yay, the bulldog and pug!” was the reply.

Now, it’s hard to get an appointment there (same day is nigh impossible) and they have a large group of groomers. So it’s funny to me that our pups have stood out for them.

Where do you go where you’re store-famous?

Sadly, my favorite pizza shop. They know my dog because I have them deliver and Dolly comes to the door with me. So if I call and this one particular lady answers she always asks about my dog.

Also the vet’s office knows me by my dog’s name, but I’m not sure how much that counts.

Nobody knows me apart from my dog, tho :slight_smile:

The other kids at the daycare (aged three to five) know I am my sons mom. They even greet me or point me out to their parents " That’s MaastrichtsSons mommie!" But that seems common: they all know each others parents. I think it is a combination of really looking out for them at the end of the day, and…I sometimes think kids compare their parents the same way adult men compare their cars in the company parking lot. With the difference that each toddler thinks his or her parents are the best. :slight_smile:

I’m one of those who hates it when people at stores treat me like a regular. As a cashier, I treat people with standard politeness, and let the customer dictate to me the level of conversation and familiarity required. I wish other cashiers did the same, and not assume they know what I want to purchase, or that I want to talk about the weather or something.


Sadly, my favorite bar.

The hardware store. The seafood store. A nearby mini-mart. A few restaurants and a bar. The grocery store, sort of, they’re mid-sized, but have a lot of employees, so I’m known among a sizeable percentage of them, but not most. Oh yeah, the auto parts store. I do my best to support local businesses, and try to establish relationships with the owners and steady employees.

I’m a “regular” at my local spice shop, pizza joint, vet office, sushi restaurant, olive oil shop, one of the local wine stores… Oh, and an Italian take-out shop. Those are the ones that spring to mind, at least!

The local BevMo. :frowning:

Most of the grocery stores in town, if for no other reason than most of the checkers, baggers and such are former students of mine.

The local Thai and Chinese places know our basic order and just come over to confirm the entrees.

For some reason, my dry cleaner. It’s not like we’re there that often, but she always calls me by name when I enter.

By the time I’ve parked my car and managed to get through the door at Firehouse Subs, the sandwich guys are halfway through making my standard-order sandwich. By the time I’ve paid for it, grabbed my drink and my chips, it’s already waiting on the counter for me. I don’t even have to speak the order out loud; when I get to the register, the cashier punches in “med. tuna on white, lettuce, tomato, swiss only, combo, bottle drink, to go.” Note: I hate their new soda machine. You punch buttons on the front to get whatever combination you like “Diet + cherry + lime + vanilla coke” and place your cup under the nozzle. The problem is the lines aren’t flushed in between, and every drink comes out of the same nozzle, so every single drink tastes like Diet Cherry Lime Vanilla Dr. Pepper to me. I started getting the bottled drinks because “They all taste like ass!” The crew there thought that was hilarious.

If I ever decide to change my order, I’m screwed. :slight_smile:

Not exactly a store, but my car guys know me well. We’ve been going there for 7-ish years with (over those years) 7 or 8 vehicles (I’ve lost count.) Altho, I’m pretty sure a big reason they remember us is because of our ex-SIL - he’s been gone 2 years now, but they still remember him.

We patronize some of the same restaurants over and over, but the servers change so often around here, no one gets to know us as regulars. And that’s fine.

Dominick’s, the bar, the liquor store, the currency exchange, the library, Home Depot and Menard’s.

Nordstrom. Of course they make a point of it, but they greet me by name and know my preferences in at least two clothing departments, the beauty department, and the lingerie department.

Safeway. All of the regular clerks know me.

All of my regular lunch spots. At one point, I was so well known in one of them that when I came in and said, “I don’t want my usual today” (to prevent them from immediately fixing it), they said, “Oh, then you’ll be having [my usual alternate choice],” which was exactly what I had planned to order.

There are quite a few places where I don’t have to pay if I don’t happen to have the funds on me. They will just say, “Pay it the next time you come in.”

Everyplace. I live in a small town.

Most of the time it’s nice, like the way we never really have to plan a night out with friends; we just go out, and there they are! On the other hand, if we’re looking for privacy, we either have to go to a place we don’t like (and thus, don’t go very often and people don’t know us) or stay home.

Lowe’s, and the Greek food place near work.

Depressingly enough, the receptionists at the quite large medical center I go to know my name. I go once a month, at least, to get my INR checked and most times they wave me right through as I approach the desk.

The library. I put a lot of books on hold. I have a distinctive last name. Even though it’s a busy city library several times when I handed my card over a clerk has said…“so YOU’RE Carlotta’srealname Lastname!”

Also there’s one guy at the desk where I pick up interlibrary loans who always makes me feel like he’s happy to see me, but maybe he’s just responding to my I’m-happy-to-see-him vibe. Why yes, he is a rather attractive gentleman.

Every weekend my wife and I go to our favorite barbecue spot, an old house along a rural road with a couple of pits out in front. It’d definitely a locals thing- I’ve lived here for three years now, and I only found out about it six months ago. We’ve become good friends with the owner.

I’m another one who generally hates being treated like I’m not a faceless customer, in general.

The people at 7-11 know my partner and me. They’re right around the corner from my house and have both refrigerated twelve-packs of soda and the brand of cigarettes that my partner likes. So I’m there on a fairly regular basis.

The people at PetCo and at my vet know me because I foster. So I’m at PetCo for at least several hours every weekend at adoption events and shop there more often than your average person who has the same 1-3 dogs for many years.

My husband is well-known at our pharmacy, hardware store, auto parts store and tractor dealership, but our best commercial friends are the people in our veterinary office. My husband has a very common name, but he can call the vet’s office and say, “Hi, this is ‘Mike.’ We need to bring the dogs in for their shots.” Any of a dozen people could answer the phone, and they all know exactly who he is. I was amazed the first time I heard him do this.

Sadly, the only business that knows me is my psychiatrist’s office.

None for me. I’m not a loyal customer to any particular business. The only potential exceptions would be my hairdresser and vet since I’m finally going to the same ones regularly. Hairdresser only sees me every 3-4 months and I’m pretty sure without a scheduled appointment she wouldn’t know me either and other than scratched cornea incidents the vet only sees us once a year so I think the booked appointment is the reason they remember us too. Well, that and the fact that Mojo hates him.