What stupid things scarred you emotionally as a child?

And I mean truly stupid things. For example: when I was four years old my parents took me to the circus in Chicago. At that time they still had trained bears performing (they may still for all I know - I will never go to a circus again). Some rocket scientist decided it would be funny if a guy dressed in a lifelike bear suit went rampaging through the audience. I was in hysterics and we had to leave the circus because my parents couldn’t convince me the bear wasn’t real.

Thirty-seven years later and I still occasionally have nightmares about rampaging bears.

The Care Bear Movie. I was six.

The Exorcist. My older cousins thought it would be a fun movie to take a 12 year old to, I’ve never been so scared, I still freak out if I see a clip of it on TV.

Yeah, The Exorcist, definitely. Thank god no one took me to the movie! I read it (secretly) at 12, and I had to go wake my parents in the middle of the night. They said, We told you so. :smack:

In fourth grade, on a class field trip, I was in the CN tower staring down at the glass floor. I was standing on the edge leaning over just a bit, too afraid to step out on it. And one of my lovely classmates saw my trepidation, gave me a hearty shove into (what looked like) thin air and left me with a permanent fear of heights.

Trick-or-Treat Sirens and Canned Goods.

If you want to read the story: http://tapu-tapu-tapu.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-was-nervous-child.html

Now these are stupid.

Call me crazy but I don’t think it’s stupid to get scared watching The Exorcist when you were 12.

Me, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory scared the heebie jeebies out of me. But not the tunnel scene. No, I loved the tunnel scene. It was stupid Veruca Salt and the damn egg weighers. So many fucking nightmares of oompa loompas pushing me onto a scale to find out if I was a Bad Egg. These nightmares usually ended with me falling out of bed as well so, in the back of my mind in the dream, I’d be thinking, “It’s going to say I’m a Bad Egg, which is so great for my self-esteem, AND I’m going to get a nasty bruise from falling out of bed. Fuck you very much, Roald Dahl.”

The movie Carrie scarred my sisters.

My grandmother looking out the window secretly at a neighbor that I would go on to see everyday for ten years and telling me he was a murderer did not help me at all.

I was like three years old, and all I knew was that I should avoid an entire part of my small city street and it was based on nothing.

I had a near drowning incident when I was 10. I wouldnt go near a pool. I had no problem with the ocean and would swim out and skin dive. But a pool, I wouldnt go near it.

Ghostbusters, and the song Ghost Riders in the Sky. And, for some reason, this book cover.

I’ve mentioned this before, I think. One of “The Planet of the Apes” movies, not sure which one, had a scene where the apes are on a ship, presumably trying to escape (guess it was *Escape from the planet of the Apes *? )and the bad guys came and started shooting. A mama ape was holding her baby and it got shot. They showed it floating in the sea and I got hysterical. I mean sobbing uncontrollably, beside myself hysterical. Weird, since I’d been watching all manner of adult themed and horror movies since as long as I can remember but that really bummed me out.

When I was five or six, shortly after we moved into a new house and I had my own room for the first time, the closet that held the central heating unit was right outside the bathroom. Not sure of the right terminology but when it was cycling (?) it would make this weird moaning / clicking sound that would build and build until it was ready to start blasting the hot air, which would culminate in a huge(to my young ears) explosion. When I’d wake up in the night needing to go to the bathroom, I’d listen and time it so I wouldn’t be caught in the hallway when the the crescendo occured. I’d either spend stressful minutes, bladder exploding and waiting for it to do its thing or, even worse, the build up would start while I was in the bathroom and I’d have to wait until it was silent again to run back to my room. Talk about stupid.

I was also ridiculously disturbed by Elton John’s Funeral for a Friend. Still don’t like that one much.

I used to watch a tv show called Rescue 911 all the time as a kid. There was one episode that scared me so badly… a robber came into an elderly couple’s RV while they were camping, and stole their wedding rings. He said he wasn’t going to hurt them, but he ended up shooting the wife because she looked at him after he told them not to look at him. The husband lived and he was the one who called 911. For months after that, it haunted me.

When I was 4 or 5, my aunt would always try to get me to say “shit,” but I wouldn’t. So she got me to say, “honey,” after which she told me, “Honey is bee-shit; you just said bee-shit!” and I would cry.

To this day, I say “shit” all the fucking time.

:eek::eek: Oh, honey…

That’s funny. My aunt would always try to get me to say ‘‘I love Duran Duran.’’

If TV shows and stuff count, I developed a morbid fear of bombs based on one Unsolved Mysteries episode I saw when I was like 4. I refused to be left alone in the car for years because was afraid someone would plant a bomb under the car while Mom was gone. I thought my stuffed animals might have bombs in them. I really, really worried about bombs for a while there.

These are great stories! Good thread idea.

Around the age of 10 I saw some of the Amityville Horror on TV and in particular the part where the guy breaks the hole in the basement wall and the lady looks in and says in the modulated voice “It’s the gateway… to Hell!!!”
I was convinced for a couple of decades that that was the absolute scarriest thing ever shown on film…ever. Until I saw it on TV again 20 years later. OMG, was that horribly cheesy.

Oh, and these guys.
They lived in my nightmares on a regular basis.

When I was 11, a friend’s parents somehow decided that The Towering Inferno would be a good choice for a birthday party of 11 year-old girls. I couldn’t ride in an elevator for several years, and was always terrified in tall buildings. If I was invited to a birthday party, I also had to know if we were going to a movie, and which one. I almost didn’t go to the next birthday party I was invited to, since we were going to see Young Frankenstein. Only when it was explained to me that it was a comedy would I consent to attend.

Stupid “Poltergeist” and that damn clown doll…