What television would you buy for $2,000?

This fall I’m hoping to be in a position to fill my apartment with some new furniture, appliances, stereo and a new television. I’m hoping to allocate $2,000 for the TV. This doesn’t include a dvd, surround system, or any other components. Just the monitor.

I’ve been researching a little but get very confused with all the differences in them. So, I’m asking the dopers. Which television would you buy for 2 grand and why? My only ‘must have’ is that I want it to be wide screen and be at least 40 in. I’d like also like to use it as a computer monitor, but it seems like only LCD’s and Plasma’s have this capability.

It really does depend on exactly how you want to use it, and where.
If you have a “theater” room that can be made dark, there are some really good projection models that hang from the ceiling and project across against a white wall. They have really gone WAY up in quality recently, but you have to have a room that does not have a lot of light filtering in. I am not sure if these can be used for a computer monitor, but the thought of some computer images 8 feet high on the wall…hmmm.

I would avoid the big, boxy rear projection tv’s. You pretty much have to sit dead center, and also in a dark room.

There are also some smaller LCD’s and plasma’s out there, but I think you are about 1-3 thousand dollars shy. The prices on these are coming down pretty fast. I hate to tell you to wait, but to be honest, in about 2 years tops, my guess is that you will get a decent sized LCD or plasma tv for $2000.

There is also a new invention by the Dutch/Germans that is a variation on the LCD/Plasma but it is so thin, you can roll the screen. They are now starting production and these will be far cheaper than the current plasma televisions because they do not need backlighting. Again, that doesn’t help you in your purchase now.

Lastly, HDTV and digitial television is coming, whether we like it or not (and we will like it). SO, you might as well prepare for the inevitable and get a monitor that is compatible, or ready for both.
Be forewarned…tv’s are either HDTV “compatible” (meaning you still have to get a converter) or they are HDTV “ready” (meaning plug it in and watch HDTV on your digital cable box).

However, my usual advice is - get the biggest tube screen (36") for the cheapest price (you can get them on sale for about $600) and plug them into a stereo, surround sound receiver. Do not get an extended warranty (for suckers only) as they are under normal warranty and if it is a lemon, you will know sooner than later. By the time this tv dies (if ever) you should then be able to get a good plasma for a good price.

Have fun!

I actually bought an HDTV, it was over 2 grand, but it’s 61 inches!
It’s cool:D

The plasma tv is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a little pricier than $2K, but you can hope it comes down in price. It would be worth it to spend a little more.

Van Landry,

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Last month I bought a 51" widescreen Hitachi HDTV for $1900. great price and I’ve never been happier with any other purchase.

I’ve actually been looking into this in preparation for the upcoming purchase of my first home. Like you, I want a widescreen that is as big as possible.

Flat screens are nice (plasma even moreso than LCD) but you just can’t get one big enough for the money you and I want to pay. Although not perfect, I’m going with the large projection TV. You can buy a 52-inch HDTV widescreen right now for around $1800. True, as was pointed out above, you pretty much have to sit dead center and also in a dark room, but this is going into the basement and I don’t have any problem with sitting dead center.


It would have to do dishes and give BJ’s for that kind of money.

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Get some I-glasses for a couple hundred bucks and watch an 80" screen wherever you are!

I am not an expert, but i would go with a 61" HDTV.

What makes you say you can’t use the tv as a monitor? i thought any tv would work as long as you hooked it up through the tv out function of your video card & through a VCR.

We have a 61" TV that is a rear projection but it gets a fantastic picture even though it is in a very bright room. But it takes up so much space! We have never been sorry that we went with the largest screen we could find.

The next TV we get will have to have this large a screen and be at least HDTV compatible. If we can find something that doesn’t take up so much room, that would be an added bonus.

These roll up screens sound interesting!

VanLandry, by the time fall comes, there is going to be a whole new range of tv sets.

I'd probably prefer a plasma so I can put it on my wall.  These weigh about 75 lbs.  A projection hdtv can weigh around 175 lbs. But most stores offer you a white glove service, they unpack it & put it in the house for ya.

A remodeled bathroom.

Go over to avsforum for all the info, rumors, debates, etc.

IMHO, you can’t beat a DLP or LCD front projector for sheer size & computer display compatibility.

“DLP or LCD front projector”

At the aquairum where I work we have a DLP projector. One bulb goes for $10,000 or $5 an hour…