What televisions shows are you still watching at this point in the 2012/13 season?

Skald’s earlier thread inquiring “What television series have you given up on recently?” made me curious to learn what shows, at this point in the 2012-2013 season, are people still watching and actually enjoying?

Our dvr is busy capturing White Collar, Elementary, Justified, Castle and Cougar Town, shows which still have our interest and by which we are entertained. We’ve discovered Raising Hope on Netflix, so are catching up with that one, but man, there is a DIRTH of good programming, IMHO.

So, what do you look forward to watching on a weekly(ish) basis?

(Drat. Can a mod fix my title pretty please? I’m missing a “1”)

Person Of Interest

nice mix of intrigue, characters, and touch of humor.

Looking forward to PSYCH! coming back on.

Modern Family is about it. My wife is still watching Dowton Abby, and when I’m around I’ll watch it too.

I watch The Mentalist, Castle, Elementary, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Community, White Collar, and New Girl. I also am looking forward to Psych returning.


But then Archer and Mad Men are the only two shows I make a point of catching on a per-week basis.

Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation. Community too, I guess.

Elementary, NCIS, Castle, Vegas, Justified, Supernatural.

Counting the ones in hiatus (or between seasons):

The Good Wife
The Mentalist
Boardwalk Empire
Blue Bloods

I watch Archer and* Modern Family* weekly. The Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation I watch off the DVR when I can find the time so I am usually an episode or two behind on those two.

The ones I watch are pretty much on hiatus, except for Downton Abbey and Girls
But I love Homeland, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Mad Men
Then I watch HGTV

Thanks for helping me remember

Downton Abbey
Mad Men
Breaking Bad

and I should acknowledge Big Brother in the summer.

Currently in season, I’m watching Archer, Lost Girl, and The Americans.

Nashville, Elementary, Downton Abbey. I’ll start watching *Grimm *as soon as they bring it back. Smash just started, but I expect to watch the full season of that.

I watch every episode of Walking Dead, The Middle, Modern Family, and the Big Bang Theory. I will occasionally watch the Neighbors and Suburgatory. I wish that they had not cancelled “Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23” – I enjoyed that show quite a bit!

Let’s see:
I make sure to watch:
How I Met your Mother
Mordern Family
The Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men (Yeah, I know…)

I’m a few episodes behind on ‘Revenge’ at this point.

The Walking Dead
The Americans
Raising Hope
New Girl
Person of Interest
Lost Girl
Amazing Race
The Mentalist
The Following
Waiting for the return of…

Doctor Who
Warehouse 13
On Demand

White Collar
And Game of Thrones from Netflix

(I think I remembered everything.)

And several shows on BBCAmerica… The Hour, Sherlock Holmes, Luther…

Not going to list everything I still watch but as for new shows this season, I’ve found Matthew Perry’s new sitcom Go On to be surprisingly not horrible. After the dreck that was Mr. Sunshine, I didn’t hold out much hope and almost didn’t even bother, but I’m glad I did. Of course, it’s on NBC and I watch it, so it’s probably a goner.

The Americans
Person of Interest
The Walking Dead

The Middle
Raising Hope
The Big Bang Theory
I’m looking forward to the History channel’s new series about vikings starting in March. (Can’t remember if it’s 3/3 or 3/13.)

Person of Interest
The Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
Being Human
Once Upon a Time
Lost Girl

I’m also looking forward to Psych coming back soon.