What th'?

I revently checked out my user CP and saw a whole bunch of people I know I did not add to my buddy list.
What amy have caused this?

No, I don’t think any amys may have caused it; although it may be possible.

It’s entirely possible to click on the “buddy” icon under a post by accident. I just added you to my buddy list as a test, and it took all of 2 seconds for the system to process it, including a clean return to this thread. Had I looked the other way, I wouldn’t even have seen it.

That’s my guess, anyway.

AOL 7.0 (not sure about the older versions) has a feature that automatically adds to your buddy list any one whom you have sent an email to you. It’s damn annoying. You can turn it off at SETTINGS, then PREFERENCES, then ADDRESS BOOK.

Nah, Dex, you’re probably talking about AOL Messenger now.
The OP is referring to the buddy list system embedded in vB.

[mutter] What I get for even looking at a thread that’s got anything technical in it… [/mutter]

I agree with Coldfire. It’s happened to me at least three times by accident, when I had another window up and I clicked on what looked like a blank space on the Netscape window to get it back on top.

I think an apology should be made to amy.

[ul]:frowning: [sup]Her feelings are hurt fairly easily.[/sup][/ul]