What the flock?

Yesterday I passed by a yard that actually made me turn around and go back to see it again, then laugh my ass off.

This small front yard was absolutely blanketed in pink flamingoes— Hundreds of them. And each of these big gaudy preposterous pink flamingoes held in their beaks a big helium filled balloon.

There in the middle of all these flaming pink invaders was a huge sign that read.


Then a smaller sign that read.

Happy birthday, I told you I’d get you back. :slight_smile:

LMAO. I have visions of whomever Peggy had done something to that required the “geting back” of lurking around in the middle of the night assembling his/her messengers so that they would be there to greet her with the first light of day.

Ain’t it wonderful to be remembered?

Hee hee hee! I have to remember this one for when my nephew gets older.

He’s 18 now, but he has a persistant way of reminding me that in a year and a half, I will be 30. ::rubs hands together in sneaky way::…

I’m sure Peggy’s friend didn’t stay up all night doing that…there are companies that have many themes to choose from, and they do the dead-of-night setup. Peggy probably did it to her friend first. But you’re right, it’s nice to be remembered on your birthday.


I want that to be my yard.

That is so cool. Who do I know who’s turning fifty soon…

And where can I get two hundred pink flamingos?

At least here in Cleveland, there are places where you can rent them for just this sort of occasion. They can set them up for you or just rent them to you and you do the dirty work yourself.

Several years ago, John Patterson of For Better or Worse turned 50. He woke up to find his lawn similarly decorated. “They appeared mysteriously in the night,” Elly said blandly.

At his office he mentioned to his assistants, “Someone stuck forty-nine pink flamingos into my lawn last night.”

“Forty-nine? There were supposed to be fifty!”


Rent heck, I would love to have that many Flamingoes wife not to mention neighbors would be apoplectic.:smiley: