Ahhhhhhh, confusion of the masses may be possible with the help of my fellow dopers

Hey guys, I’ve got a quest and I am having a bit of trouble with it. I’d really appreciate it if someone could find the cheapest wholesale price of** plastic flamingo lawn ornaments**. I am planning on purchasing somewhere between 100 and 500 of said plastic flamingoes, so the best price would be good. Let’s just say it’s early planning for confusing the administrators at my school. ::grins knowingly:: Thanks ahead of time for those who are willing to help in a little “innocent mischief.”

reminder to self: check all your coding before sbmitting!

(And check your spleling, er, spelling…)

There has to be some form of wholesale Pink Flamingo market online. I’ll bet you could find it pretty quick, although I don’t know exactly where.

Pink Flamingo’s galore!

Oriental Trading Company

Windchimes, banners, lights, lawn decorations, pinwheel yard stakes, birdhouses!

Knock yourself out. :wink:

Where are the Magnetic Chinese Imortality rings that Provide Vast Sexual potency?

Just asking… :smiley:

**Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor **…

Heh… they’re probably there somewhere!

I’m getting a vague memory here… several years ago there was a web site that rented out flamingos by the hundreds. For a price, they’d go to an address, and set up a bazillion flamingos on the lawn.

A quick web search doesn’t find anything. Anyone else remember this?

Athena, I remember it too…but I couldn’t turn up anything either.

Yeah, I saw that site. There’s a company near me that will do that, it’s just that it’d be more fun and cost efficient to do it myself [with the inclusion of all the friends I could find to help me]. Let’s just say this is early planning for next year. I would just like to explore all my options. I looked at sites and in general they only do the “2 flamingos for $10” deal, which isn’t cost effective at all.