What The Fuck is Wrong With Saudi Arabia?


So now one Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia, “an adviser to the royal court and consultant to the Ministry of Justice”, has declared that women should give their breast milk to men so that the men may drink it. They should do this so that women don’t need to cover their faces when in the company of men they live with or work with but are otherwise unrelated. Cause drinking their milk makes them “breast milk siblings”, which makes it A-OK for the men to see the woman’s face or spend time with them. Otherwise it’s unlawful mixing of the sexes, a serious crime that can be punished with prison time and lashing.

I guess that this isn’t much really, when you consider that they beat women accused of honor crimes or execute “sorcerers.” Every once in a while though, it’s just so un-fucking-believable to hear these things. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with this place? Fuck the Islamic theocracy and all this terrible shit it sustains, if not outright fights for.


I’m envisioning a Saudi Arabian ad campaign: Got milk?

“Breast is best.”

“What The Fuck is Wrong With Saudi Arabia?”

Seriously? There are many, many books devoted to answering this question. The short answer is that the House of Saud and the Wahhabi (Islamic fundamentalists) struck a deal so that the Saudis could come into/retain power. It’s sort of like if the Westboro Baptist Church had been able to coronate the Rockefellers with the agreement that Phelp’s form of Baptisim be the one true religion.

When you adhere to a dusty old codebook with strict legalistic devotion you need to be very creative to balance it with modern sensibilities.

I give it him B+ for the attempt.

Even though they drive gold-plated Rolls Royces, their culture remains on the back of a shit-covered camel.

While I have no problem with humans drinking human milk…it sounds like ridiculous loophole jumping to me. Then again, I’m not socially, emotionally or spiritually invested in their holy rule book, so whaddo I know?

Well, his first suggestion was corporate-sponsored inbreeding, so the breast milk thing doesn’t seem too bad.

That is just bizarre.

Personally, I think women should have to give BJ’s to men on a regular basis so they can be “part of the family”. Much easier sell in my opinion.

Thats how we’ve been doing it in the deep south for years now.

Damn. Now I wish I lived in the south. I fully support this measure.

Your father is your brother
Your sister is your mother
You like to fuck each other
The Deep South family.

Who are we to judge their culture blah blah blah they probably look at some of the things we do and think they’re bizarre blah blah blah …

Just wanted to get that out of the way.

I’m afraid it’s the British Empire’s fault. Had we not kicked out the perfectly civilized and reasonable Turks, for ultimately failed Empire interests, the Saud would be some back-country hicks running arms and the like.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

(nevertheless the concept is intriguing. Why a whole new scope of porn…)

I don’t have to drink it from a glass, do I?

Hmmmm…if every woman contributed a sample of breast milk, and they mixed it with goat milk, and every man had a sip, then it is possible that every man has had every woman’s milk, and the whole veil thing can be tossed into the dustbin.

Islam dammit! Islam!

Don’t get me started on Saudis and goats, that is not a road we want to explore.

He did mention, it seems given that summary, milk pumps. Rather disappointing, really. I mean think of the potential…

The breast milk fetishists have finally maneuver themselves into a position of power and they are this close to convincing women, and even their husbands, that they should let men have a suckle whenever they want. And now this nosey reporter has to butt in.