What the heck are these?

Found ‘em on a (Thai, Andaman Sea) beach. They are NOT bonelike. They seem seashell texture.

I’m stumped!

Any and all wild ass guesses will be appreciated. I promise to consider them all.



Puffer fish spines.



They look like chicken feet. In other words, ChickenLegs below the elbows.

Y’all rock!

I’ve been wondering since I found them a week ago or so!

Well done indeed!

Also nice wordplay, this board never disappoints!

Shark teeth.

Def NOT shark teeth!

But I’ve been wondering…are they really called ‘spines’? As I’m pretty sure it’s an exterior spiky thing.

I mean, if I’m gonna quiz my very smart friends when I get back home, (and I am!), I really ought to be certain.

Do puffer fish have spines? Are they maybe called splines?

Your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You can call them spines. You can call them spikes. But the only pufferfish to have splines is this one.

But ya doesn’t have to call them Johnson! :smiley:

Sushi serving trays.