What the heck is "Hodges Directory"?

Whenever my phone shows a missed call from a number I don’t recognize, I’ll Google the number to figure out who called me. Lately, when I do this, the top result is something called Hodges Directory. This looks like it’s supposed to be another Internet people-finder, but all the names and numbers in it look fake and/or randomly generated—one of the missed-call numbers I had searched supposedly belongs to “Agatha Loveless.” I can’t find myself or a single person I know in it. There’s no explanatory information, and “Lorem ipsum” filler text is used in a couple of spots.

What is the point of this thing? I suppose it could be a fake directory site designed to deliver ads, but I’m baffled that it’s now the top result in Google when a phone number is searched.

I tried searching for several numbers both real and ones I made up, and Hodges never appears. I see things like People Finder, etc.


Lucky you. I checked it again, and it appears that not all area codes and exchanges are represented. My own area code (in a fairly well-populated area) is not in the Hodges database at all.

For an example of what I’m talking about, Google any number beginning with “217-468-” and make up the last four numbers. Hodges Directory will probably be the first or second result.

Just a WAG, but I’m guessing it is just a dummy database filled with fake names, addresses, and phone numbers to illustrate or, perhaps, to debug some open-source software project. There are only 9 states included (and, as far as I see, only one area code in each of those states).

At the bottom of a listings page you see

The BSD-style license seems to be some kind of free-software license.

I ran across it once when I got a spam phone call from a number I did not recognize. I ran it through Google and the Hodges directory came up, identifying the number with a name and address. Thing is, the address was for a (I believe) a Social Security office and I could find nobody in the state with the name they had listed (well, not the way it was spelled in the directory. The name listed was something like Eddy Newcombe and the closest I could find was an Eddie Newcomb, or something like that).

So, I don’t know what it is about, so that is why I’m guessing it is a dummy database, like those you find in Access tutorials (what is it, Northwind Traders?). Maybe it is used to spoof caller ID numbers for spammers?

On further examination, there seem to be 209 area codes listed. There are lots of errors.

On Googling “Hodges Database”, there seems to be a lot of people who have stumbled upon it by looking up a spam phone call number. So, I’ll have to revise my WAG and go with it being a database used by robo-callers to spoof caller ID numbers.

I had the same experience you did when I attempted to verify a few of the peculiar names (like “Yoshicka Frison”) attached to the numbers. These people don’t exist—at least not in the cities listed for them.

I think your WAG is probably correct; these are fake numbers for the use of spammers. Usually I only Google phone numbers when there’s a missed call with no voicemail, and upon further reflection I realized that these were probably all spam robocalls.

Been reading some of this and have some more info…did a search on a phone number and yes, it was there. But I got suspicious, and looked up the address…Oceanside NY exists, but there is no Albany Ave there. So not only the phone numbers and/or namess might be fake, so might the actual addresses be.

Nor sure if anyone is active on here, but the Hodges directory is a website that discovered a way to make money off those spam phone calls. Long story short, as everyone stated, this is all fake information attached to VOIP numbers. The idea is people will search for a number, hodges will come up, and the person will click for more information; being redirected to another site. $$$ I decided one time to go ahead and pay for a “cellphone” number information, and you get nothing, and no refund. It tells you there is no information publicly available. However, if your trying to ID a spam VOIP, good luck. Sometimes you can track them via IP, using Wireshark or similar program, but it depends on how they have everything configured. I have found most are oversees, and/or part of a larger network behind a firewall. :smiley:

Also, lets say your trying to track a personal number… there are ways, much easier and simpler ways. Unfortunately, if the person is not tech savvy, you probability is low. There are publicly available databases, which do NOT come up in search engines. That’s all I can share:D

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I don’t know what it is either, but it’s been popping up for many, many years when I search a phone number.
It’s a little tougher now with them spoofing the local numbers, but in my experience, if one of the first results isn’t from 800notes (or you don’t find it if you specifically go there and search), you’re not likely to find out much about it, assuming it’s junk. Lately, I’ve been getting hits on nomorobo as well. If a call comes up on either of those websites, I almost always zap and block it.

I’ve also found usphonebook . com to be able to come up with names, even from cell phone numbers, about half the time.