What the heck is in Blatz beer?

In my 41 years I have drank a lot of beer, and a lot of different brands of beer. I rarely buy the same kind of beer twice in a row. But one thing is a constant: Blatz beer always results in the “Blatz Splatz”. Why? What are they putting in there?
There must be some chemical, but what is it?
I normally don’t drink this swill, but I was over at a buddy’s house and that’s what he had. No other beer does this too me. And I’m not the only one either. I know others that has this happen to them.

So, I’m betting on some kind of chemical, or preservative. But what could it be? It would have to be something that’s not used in other beers.

I have no idea what’s in the beer, but another midwest brew seems similar - Bub’s Beer.

Fortunately, Bub’s has a great slogan that almost makes you forget the taste; “Bub’s makes it fun to be thirsty”.

Where the heck are you buying Bub’s? I haven’t seen that stuff in years & years.

Blatz Splats! Sounds like the midwest equivelant of the Schaefer Squirts, Busch Mush or the ever popular Bud Mud.

They still make Blatz? I haven’t seen that since before I was legal! Where’s your buddy getting it? You sure its not some that he had stock piled since the 50s?

Tuckerfan: PK lives in Milwaukee, home of Blatz Beer. If anybody can find it, he can. :smiley:

Lifelong teetotaller here. Am I correct in assuming we’re talking about flatulence? Maybe Blatz just has more carbonation than other brands?


Alternatively, maybe there’s something different in their beer recipe that makes for more undigestible carbohydrates.

Does Blatz taste different than other brands?

And in other news, read all about the “Toot Trapper”.

There will always be an England… :smiley:

The Blatz splatz is, well, diarhea. It’s the only beer that does this to me. Even after only 1. There must be some artificial chemical in it that other beer doesn’t have.

Blatz is available anywhere in Milwaukee, about $4.29-4.99 a 12 pack, depending where you get it.

I for one am a great lover of cheap beer, but Blatz is not on that list. It’s very tasteless.

Last summer I went to a cabin with 4 other college kids, only one of whom was also 21. We had to buy beer, and went out of our way to buy the cheapest crap imaginable–Blatz Light, and Schmidts. Both <$5 for a 12 pack. This was in northern Wisconsin.

We still had them leftover after the weekend, though I thought they weren’t so bad if you were already halfway in the bag.

Blatz is also easily available in Ohio.
Yes, it affects me the same way.
I also don’t drink Scheafers, Goebel, Carling’s Black Label,Red White & Blue, or anything made by Keystone, and last but certainly Least…Milwaukees Beast.
The beast will make you contemplate intestinal surgery, but only after having your taste buds sand blasted.

There was a “special” cousin of Blatz on sale for about five bucks a case in Ocean City, Maryland in about 1986, known as “Milwaukee 1851.”

We speculated that it was brewed with the yeast from the aforementioned waste product remnant from that year.

My Grandfather drank nothing but Blatz. They even sponsored his bowling team. He told me he drank it because it kept his buddies from drinking all his beer. Since all he kept around was Blatz his buddies started bringing thier own. No kidding.