What the heck is my male cat doing to my female cat?

Both my cats are fixed, but I know that even fixed animals will sometimes still engage in sexual activity. But I’m not convinced that is what is happening here. It’s just WEIRD.

Cory (male) will stand over Ding (female) when she’s lying down, so that he’s straddling her, but standing up. He bites her on the back of the neck and then starts shifting his weight on his hind legs from one foot to the other. Sometimes he twitches his tail. Now there is a lot of air between them, he isn’t touching her at all except holding on to her neck, or even coming close to touching her. He also isn’t doing any humping/thrusting moves. Out of curiosity, I looked once and can confirm there was no kitty wiener sticking out, either.

So what is he doing? I assume it is some sort of dominance thing, though I don’t see the point–Ding is the most submissive, docile cat ever (except for being a’skeert of everything, everyone, and all sounds) and Cory is very mellow–not an aggressive cat.

Cats is weird sometimes.

The male might not be fucking the other cat, but he is certainly fucking with his bipedal underling.

The male instinct is STRONG! The female of the species sometimes forget that. Not to say the female instinct for reproduction is weak, just, I guess, different.
Girl kitty did submit so I guess there are things we can’t cut out or off cats to make them COMPLETELY forget about sex.
Which is probably a good thing. :slight_smile:

Ever seen any D/s human sites? It doesn’t have to involve actual intercourse. Sex is more complicated than that. And cats are just as kinky as humans (maybe that’s why I like them).

Neck biting? Yeah, that’s sex. Even if he doesn’t have the balls for it.

Only in the sense that she didn’t actively avoid it. She was laying on the couch, he came up and did all that, and she just didn’t move or anything–stayed exactly in the same position. She looked at me with a sort of funny expression at one point, though.

Sometimes he bites her too hard and she bitches about it, then I have to squirt him with the spray bottle to make him leave her alone.

Hell I don’t have to see the sites (though I have). I have plenty of friends who are really heavy into that kind of thing.

Male cats who are altered after they reach sexual maturity sometimes continue to show sexual behavior, especially if they were sexually active before they were neutered. That is one of the reasons a lot of vets recommend getting toms fixed early, so these behaviors don’t get established. The worst one, of course, is spraying. A cat that is neutered before he starts most likely won’t start doing it, while one who has already started may continue after neutering.

How long ago was your tom neutered? It does take some amount of time for the male hormones to completely leave the system.
I had three cats when I lived in Hawaii, and got the male fixed first because it was cheaper. After his surgery, when Gwen or Chessie would go into heat, he would look at the with the most confused expression, as if to say “I know I’m supposed to do something when they do that, but I can’t quite remember what it is…”

Spray him with the bottle?? Respect the gender, woman!! He’s just taking care of business!..when he doesn’t have an account standing any longer with the mother corporation…but he’s trying!

Well then you know. Sex for us more sophisticated creatures (humans, cats…no can’t think of anyone else as sophisticated…maybe bonoboes) is more than intercourse. But I’d be concerned if he’s biting her neck to hard…She should have a safe word.

I have no idea. How I got him is sort of a strange story. I was moving out of my apartment into my house last August when a cat jumped into my van. Very friendly cat, kinda skinny. Pet him for a while, then put him out of the van. He jumped right back in. Eventually it was time to leave and we hadn’t been able to get him to stay out of the van. Based on how needy he seemed, and how skinny he was, I figured maybe someone had moved away and left him behind… so I took him with me to the house. Next day I called the apartment office and told them to call me if anyone reported a missing cat. Never heard back. Anyway, Cory was both neutered and, sadly, declawed. I have no idea how old he is let alone when these surgeries were done. But I’ve had him since last August.

Hey, she’s over 16 years old! I can’t let him be pickin’ on her when he is hurting her.

If you’ve ever seen unfixed cats having sex, then you wouldn’t be wondering. Tom cats always bite the female on the neck when having sex.

:rolleyes: I’m not an idiot, and I’m very well aware that they bite on the neck while having sex. And yes, I’ve seen cats having sex. That doesn’t mean that is the only time they might bite another cat on the neck, however, and since nothing else he was doing indicated sex, I was wondering if there was some other neck-biting behavior going on here that I haven’t heard of.

Maybe her neck tastes like ham. Give it a lick. You may be surprised.

Sounds like your cats have a bit of a BDSM fetish. Maybe you should take notes.

Well at least she’s legal then.

(Over here, anyway.)

He is establishing his place as the dominant male. Reaffirming if you will. It’s not so much about sex as it is about the pecking order.

That was what I was thinking it might be, too. Except that it seems so silly since he isn’t a very dominating sort of cat, and since she is the least likely cat to challenge dominance that you’ll ever see…

has this sudden feeling that if Least was neutered, he would be out biting women’s necks too. "I…I just still gots to show ma lovin. I gots to!

Some things are just too scary.

They don’t have adult human logic, they go by instinct and part of that involves making sure they know which cat has higher status.

He was just flirting. She would have to stand up and “accept” him to actually…you know… :eek: