What the heck is the 'Jackhole' saying at the end of 'The Man Show' this season?

After “The Man Show” ends, there is the splash for “Jackhole Industries”, which I assume is the production company that creates the show. During this short splash or ad or whatever, the donkey says something like “You go zuna!”. What the heck is it really saying, or if it really is saying “you go zuna”, what the heck does that mean?

Probably “Yokozuna!,” a move supposedly invented by Jimmy Kimmel’s brother. But modesty forbids further discussion on it. (It has nothing to do with sumo wrestling.)

Actually, I think “yokozuna” actually does have something to do with sumo wrestling. It’s the title bestowed onto a great master or something.

In the interest of fighting ignorance, the Man Show Yokozuna is the removal of one’s trousers in order to perform a flying ass splash into the face of a sleeping victim. Of course, that’s the Man Show for you.

I don’t watch the show so I don’t know what the “jackhole” is saying, but I do know where the word “jackhole” comes from.

It was invented by Kevin and Bean on the World Famous KROQ (106.7 FM in L.A.) a few years ago. Their idea was to come up with a word that “sounds” dirty, but isn’t. They briefly had a campaign to get writers to include it in scripts. (I saw one movie – and I don;t remember which one – that used it as a curse: “You jackhole!”) For several weeks (months?) they used the word on-air and their callers were using it as well. Then they just sort of stopped.

Another thing Kevin & Bean did was to try to make a potato famous. I don’t remember who they were lampooning, but the idea was “if this guy can become famous, a potato can become famous. Hey, let’s do it!” The Potato actually made appearances on a couple of prime-time comedies. No word on what ever happened to it, although there might be something at KROQ’s web site.

Adam Corolla has a show on KROQ called “Love Line”. Jimmy used to be “Jimmy the Sports Guy” on the K&B show.

Another Kevin & Bean antic was to have a staff member (Lightning?) call into the show and “confess” to killing someone. They got a Community Service sentence for that one.