What the heck is this bug in my bathtub?

This is the second time I’ve spotted this ugly little fella in my bathtub. I’ve never seen one of these before:


The actual bug is about one inch long. It’s kinda ant-like, except for that elongated abdomen. There appears to be a “stinger” or something similar-looking on the posterior. The elongated abdomen is very flexible - when I experimentally poked a finger toward the bug it arched its butt up as if it meant to sting me.

It doesn’t seem to be able to crawl out of the tub. The first time I saw it, it fell down the drain, which was full of water. I assumed it would drown, but apparently it didn’t (unless this is a different individual).

What the hell is it? Is it dangerous?

ETA: Geographical location is central Washington state.

Looks like some type of earwig. (found via http://bugguide.net/)

Looks like a devil’s coach horse beetle to me.

They’re considered beneficial in the garden, as they eat slugs.

I was gonna say earwig, but it doesn’t quite look like one that I’m more familiar with.

I’d say a type of earwig, from looks of it.

Earwig. They like moisture organic material and darkness. Bathrooms are great for them. You want to kill any you see.

I think we have a winner - this describes it well: “At first glance you could mistake it for an earwig.”

Earwigs - I’ve seen plenty of earwigs in my life, and I knew this wasn’t one.

Thanks, Mangetout :slight_smile: