What the hell, co-worker?! No tip for reasonable service?

Crap. Me, too. (And a +1 for the suggestion to call a manager there, if you have a spare moment to do so.)

“He likes to play the ‘fake asshole.’”

I do not understand the concept of the fake asshole. Beth has no idea that he’s not like this 24/7.

This guy sounds like a promising Apprentice Asshole in his own right.

I was holding my breath until the end of the story when you went and paid the waitress. Whew!

I’m not sure if he’s more asshole or dick.

Wait, he’s a dickhole.

Good on you for going back in and tipping her.

Does this idiot not realize the server gets to “handle” his food and drinks before he gets them ?

It’s no secret that staff will mess with an assholes food/drinks if a person is a big enough dick. I’ve done it twice when I worked in the food industry. These people deserved it.

It’s the only thing that allowed me to keep on serving with a smile while I put up with the abuse.

What specifically did you do to “mess” with the food/drinks?

(I should add that I am a server’s dream customer—I almost always tip WAY above average, and I usually like to be left alone with my brew. An extremely low maintenance customer. I am merely curious about exactly what Ibanez’ MO was to get revenge on the customers he had it out for)

Based on the crowd here at the dope I’m pleading the 5th and won’t go there.

It would no doubt disgust them if they knew. But it wasn’t anything that would harm them.

$20 isn’t a horrible tip for that check,I would have expected about $30.I am sure Beth appreciated the $20,since she got stiffed to begin with.Good for you GameHat!

Another vote for douchecanoe.
You, my dear GameHat, are a good guy :slight_smile:

He was travelling on business. If he ever does eat there again it probally won’t be for awhile and assuming Beth even get’s stuck as his server again it’ll probally take her awhile to remember this specific asshole.

Slow clap for you. It’s not the worst tip ever (well, at least not for a waiter who’s been treated like a human being), and hopefully it restored her faith in humanity just a tad.

And not to exaggerate, but being an asshole who occasionally doles out a good word is classic abusive behavior. You start living on scraps of humanity.

It’s a “she”. She is a good friend. And I got fucking mad at her today about this incident and her response. Where is the solidarity among hard-working women? :rolleyes: (I kid, as a man, but only kinda)

But in her defense, she’s in my industry which is like 80%+ male and asshole, so the “jerk” attitude is also something she puts on to deal with the jerkass “good ol’ boys” (in the bad sense) that we both work with.

I yelled at her just the same, but she’s still my good friend.

Ugh, another post. Forgive me. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of the above responses (all good!) are about how toxic “Greg” is and how wary I should be of him. Good advice, and justified.

But just to set the record straight - I know exactly who “Greg” is. I’m in no danger of being hurt (trust or emotion) here. It’s kinda like the scorpion and the frog fable. I know “Greg” is a scorpion. I do believe he would go to bat for me if shit went down. With people he respects, he is honorable and decent. I seem to be in his limited “respect” sphere. He has done well by me so far.

But even if he didn’t and back-stabbed me (professionally) I’d just shrug, I know that he’s been a scorpion all along. He’s damn good at his job, he relies on me, but I don’t rely on him. I respect his skill, position, experience, and actually get along very well with him. But yeah, he is mercenary in his dealings with people.

He should show every person respect, but doesn’t. That’s when you get low-class behavior like in my OP.

So I can deal with the minor abuse to myself and co-workers because I understand what it is and who he is. What I can’t tolerate is him picking on people working hard and under-appreciated jobs.

I just really don’t understand this aspect of US culture. Wouldn’t it be a LOT more dignified to “servers” to have minimum wages set that are fair and not make them have to beg for handouts for a living?

Thats what we do in Australia, all waiters, barstaff etc get the same minimum wage as every other job. Some people tip, especially for exceptional service, but it’s not compulsory.

This is an excellent point, and it’s something that has almost certainly never been brought up or debated on SDMB before, so I am sure that after a little bit of civil, reasoned discussion, there will soon be a National Consensus on dismantling our current system, and replacing it with the foolproof Australian model…

Thank You Sir!!!

Why be rude like that? Sheesh …

That’s how the Dope solved the American rape crisis.

You’re wonderful for rescuing her night! Many eons ago, I had a similar experience while waitressing. There were two tormenters. A man and his wife, and they were just ready to take out their frustrations. I did everything I could to make them happy, but I was the patsy no matter what.

The woman even took to lecturing me about how SHE worked at a “famous” establishment and that’s not how SHE waited tables and how horrible I was, blah blah blah. While it was really unpleasant for me, I felt terribly sorry for their kids, who were obviously quite embarrassed. Shortly after I’d served their food, I turned their table over to the manager. Luckily we had extremely supportive owners, and that was the policy if you got “that table”.

The funny part was, all of the other tables around could hear quite clearly what was going on, and all of them expressed sympathy and support, verbally AND by way of inflated tips. Even a couple of little old ladies gave me a nice tip!

And unlike your young lady, I was waitressing “up to par”, I only had 5 tables, all were seated and served in that great “staggered” timing, so that no one had to wait. And based upon the tips I got on any average night, I was a pretty good waitress.

Oh, and the “famous” place this woman worked? A longstanding Anchorage establishment (and an unusual building), that’s for sure, but it is basically a bar is about a half a step up from one of those club bars (moose club?), where retirees hang out. It’s called the “Office Lounge”.

After re-reading my post, it did come off as snarkier than I had intended; I was really giong for a more tongue-in-cheek tone than what I ended up with, and it was not my intent to bust any balls----That said, the thread isn’t about America’s (seemingly fucked up, if the number of SDMB threads about the subject are any indication) tipping system per se, but instead about an abusive asshole who lords his position and power over those who are his subordinates in apparently many different situations…

Finally, I have eaten a LOT of restaurant meals in a LOT of different countries (my family lived in Australia for 3 years) and each country has it’s own customs and idiosyncrasies when it comes to tipping and the Service Industry in general. The USA isn’t the only place with a convoluted culture of gratuity giving.

If I truly offended coremelt, I apologize, and I will be happy to get him? several cold brews and a bite to eat when I next see him…(maybe he can pick-up the tip at the end of the night!!!)