What the hell, co-worker?! No tip for reasonable service?

Don’t feel bad for not having enough cash. That $20 was more than money for that waitress, and perhaps she’ll remember your kindness before that of your cruel coworker.

I don’t think there’s such thing as a “fake asshole.” There’s a social advantage to being a “nice guy” when you’re really mean, but what’s to gain by being a “fake asshole”, other than just buffeting your own lame self-esteem?

Except that when we went to shake hands it all feel apart.

Congrats to the OP for doing the right thing. I am sure the waitress was more impressed by your good behavior than she was bothered by not getting quite as big a tip as she deserved.

you can make GOOD money waiting tables in the US. yes a jerk like that could ruin your day, but you’d probably still be making minimum wage at worst. Also for all the food handling questions watch an American movie called waiting… never a better time to wait tables than after said movie debut, and Hilarious

You should expense the $20 and include a nice long note about why. I’m sure word will get around.