What the hell did I just hear in the news?

Right-wing Le Pen has obviously made it into the second round of France’s presidential elections, defeating current premier Jospin.

People talking that shit Le Pen is emitting all the time just make me sick, and believe me there are more than enough of them everywhere in the EU. He blames immigrants and the EU for literally everything that’s awry, without switching on his brain (or maybe iit’s all just tactics, and he himself doesn’t belive in what he says).

I’m not particularly fond of the Gaullists and Chirac (one word: Mururoa), but I’m glad he’s going to beat Le Pen in two weeks.

not a lot of the French have voted today.

Did you hear about that left-wing mailman? I hope he wins. :slight_smile:

Anything, but anything, better than Le Pen. That man’s as mad as a hatter.

The town of Toulouse had a major explosion detonated by terrorists, while the government did nothing. In the meantime, Arab demonstrators are all over the place and there are anti-semitic acts of terror.

No wonder Jospin lost.
P.S. Did you hear the joke: “France is the only arab country that is a democracy!”


Le Pen is a nutcase. That has nothing to do with Arabs.

You are an idiot.

Okay, you have to imagine me now as a giant Samoan-looking guy driving France around in a big, red Cadillac:

“As your attorney, I’d advise you to vote. And forget that ether. Chew on this half of a sunshine blotter.”

I’m going to say something that I’ve never said before, and will probably never say again. And I want you all to know that this is causing me physical pain. <deeeeep breath>


Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck.

You can’t help thinking they’d be doing better if Hunter S Thompson was standing for election…

There’s also a thread about this here.

Rather than retype, I’ll just quote what I said there:


A radical right-wing administration that requires knee-jerk patriotism by the masses to survive, and advocates treating immigrants like criminals?

Yup, that’s bad all right … fortunately, we get to vote him out in 2004.

PS in regards to calling berdollos an “idiot” - has there been no breakdown yet of the Franco-Arab vote for Le Pen? Is it so un-PC to suggest that a lot of Franco-Arabs voted for him because of his anti-Jewish rhetoric, when many Frenchpeople didn’t bother to vote at all?

It’s unreasonable to suggest that, because Le Pen hates the Arab/Maghrebin population, too (a sentiment sadly common in France). He would prefer that all French residents be “French” (white).