What the hell GMail? Column widths all screwy suddenly

I have two accounts, one my personal Gmail, the other a Google Apps address. In the past couple days, the widths of the three columns are a mess. Instead of the narrow left column, prominent center one, and narrower right side, they all look the same size.

The help subjects don’t seem to be a lot of help, they suggest using the offline, then going back on-line and ok – that works once but then it goes right back.

Anyone else having this problem?

Not seeing that problem. Try a different browser? If you’re on IE, try Firefox, and stay there. :wink:

I am on Firefox, but I dug further and found it’s an issue they know about and are working on a fix. For now, if I stay in offline mode, everything is fine. Once every so often, I’ll go back and synchronize, then go back into offline. Meanwhile, everything looks ok, so I’ll wait for whatever the fix is going to be.