What the Hell happened to Lauryn Hill?

I don’t mean professionally, because while she hasn’t released any new work in years, she’s finally touring with some new music.

No, I mean what the hell happened to her personally? This is the “old” Lauryn Hill.

And this is the “new” Lauryn Hill.


The only other time I’ve seen her was in Sister Act II: Back In The Habit. She had (has?) a lovely voice (altho the vocal gymnastics and quivering lip leave me cold) but man! she must have gone through a really rough patch to come out looking like that

Wow. Lauryn Hill looks like Macy Gray if she collided with a truck load of 80’s punk clothing and a hand-full of Meth.

So . . . how many people do you know who look exactly the same as they did 10 years ago? How many women do you know who wear exactly the same style of clothes and makeup they did ten years ago? Plus, hello, she’s a performer. That’s her stage costume and makeup.

Where’s the “What the hell happened to David Bowie/Prince/Madonna” threads?

Yeah, she just looks a bit older, and with an ugly outfit on.

This article is a couple years old, but it’s got a less stage-y pic of her along with some comments about why she’s been out of the limelight. Seems she’s been busy with 4 kids and coping with some personal issues, vaguely described. She doesn’t look out of the ordinary to me here.

I must say though that her current hairstyle is not terribly attractive. The older one she had was much more flattering.

Unless she’s spent the last eight years in a crackhouse, this transformation goes far beyond the normal passage of time.

That’s pretty bad, but not as bad as Neneh Cherry going from this to this in 15 years.

But hell, Lauryn Hill is only 32 to Neneh Cherry’s 43.

Well now let’s be fair to the ladies. After all, look at the before and after on David Lee Roth.

Good heavens, she looks like she was abducted by clowns and got a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome.

That look on Lauryn’s face is actually somewhat familiar. It’s a “Put on some underwear, you may not run around this house naked — Get that out of your nose — Why is the bathroom flooded?— I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” kind of thing.

Four kids? I blame motherhood.

I saw Lauryn Hill on a bill with Outkast and others at Jones Beach in 2002. She did about ten minutes worth of angry militant stuff, none of the hits, and that was it. It was pretty pointless and bewildering.

I think it’s fairly obvious what happened. If you look at the last “after” picture that the OP provided, you’ll see what the problem is.

She’s wearing a Krispy Kreme donut on her right arm.

Great Scott! It looks like Roth got zapped with 1.21 gigawatts!

I saw Roth up close a few years ago when running past his house. (He was rolling out the garbage cans…I guess the wife yelled at him or something.) He looked like your typical middle-aged Pasadena suburbanite with a mid-life crisis haircut, save for the dirty look he gave me to keep me from admitting that I recognized him.


Looks like she’s had a bit of a miseducation.

She’s certainly a refugee from fashion.

But you gotta admit: in that outfit it would be hard to look right through her as if she wasn’t there.

Or the “What the hell happened to Eddie Van Halen” thread?

I was just reading something about Lauryn Hill and not wanting to sign on to a Fugees reunion album. They showed a picture of Lauryn today - looking somewhat similar to the picture posted above - and I was just so surprised by how she looks! I also immediately thought of the girl that was in Sister Act and wondered what happened to her. I realize she has grown up but I just did not have the same thoughts about her as I did before.

Thank you one and all. Now I’m off to Target to buy some Brain Bleach.