What the Hell Happened to Youtube?

Either Youtube just changed their format or my machine is flaky.
And “flaky” for 48 hours and several on/off cycles.

It was:
Get to www . youtube .com and I got a video screen with a search bar at the top and a menu of selected/suggested videos on the right.

What I get now looks like a failed load. Utterly bizarre.

Is there some service required (Flash, etc.) to load Youtube properly?
And why would it have been disabled PLUS why did I not get a notice that “yetanothergoogleapp is required to view this page”

It seems I now have to log in (I had a google emnail once, and I found google automatically logging into it. I eventually deleted History and Cookies, so I no longer get the “youruserid” in the upper right corner of news . google (my start page).

Was that cookie required to get Youtube to load?

You had a failed load - once off glitch at the server.
Your browser cached it.
Logging in just caused the cache to be cleared.

youtube works with html5, but flash is required. if your browser does not support HTML5 in your OS and on your hardware.(that is if HTML5 doesn’t work, you need flash to work…)

PC, WIN 8.1, Firefox

Yes, it is a corrupted load.

Now updating Silverlight (which was helpfully blocked by Firefox - and they didn’t even worry my little head by telling me)

IE can load You tube and play as usual, but does not provide sound (yes, the speakers work, and volume is NOT muted).

Yep, same specifications as usedtobe and YouTube is working normally. It does sound like an incomplete download of the page.

It now appears fixed in Firefox.

Screw IE

I find Firefox won’t load YouTube but Chromium will.
As will Arora, which has remembered my videos although I never sign in using that browser.

And that’s odd. Working fine on the Ubuntu machine - other one was Linux Mint.