What the hell happened?

The other day there was a thread in GQ,m something along the lines of “the grossest thing you ever saw” or something like that. It was obviously in the wrong forum, but I still responded with a link to my thread about the time I saw a guy eat horse shit at the State fair.

I’ve been looking for that thread all day and can’t find it. I’ve lokked in every forum as well as using the search feature. It’s as if it disappeared from the boards. Did it?

I saw the same thing you did. I looked in my browser’s history and found the page. I think it’s been moved to the mods-only forum. Here’s the link. See for yourself:


There’s a mods only forum?

Apparently so, as I was not allowed into the link.


What’s going on here?

Ooops. Sorry, I thought everyone knew. Well, if it was supposed to be a secret, I guess you can see something similar happening to this thread too real soon. :slight_smile:

Rather than deleting objectionable threads, I imagine the Moderators move them to a private forum invisible to ordinary users.

Rather than simply deleting offensive threads, moving them allows Moderators to retain the discussions – for their own salacious pleasure, I’d imagine :wink: – while preventing further views or responses from us mere mortals. Hence the strange error message.

Gawd, what a mish-mash of words. Please ignore that second “rather than…”.


If I may…

This question cropped up (a few times, actually) not too terribly long ago, about some other thread(s) now lost in the mists.

It is much less strain on the server to move a thread than to delete it. There is a “mods and up only” forum, where objectionable material can be put in deep storage, and either forgotten, or deleted at some other, off peak, time.

Someplace to hide it, quick, for threads that are either especially incendiary, or legally objectionable, and easier to find when it’s time to give that puppy the old heave-ho.

(I’m paraphrasing madly here, but those are the basics of it, I think.)

[sub]If I’m terribly misremembering all this, some higher power will be along to whisk me off to the forum of no escape, I’m afraid. In which case, forget everything I just said, and run for it![/sub]

Sometimes threads are moved by request of the OP. I believe at least one of mine was moved when I asked it to be removed from view, but I have no way of knowing if it still exists.

The person who posted that thread is not welcome to be a member of this community. Ergo, his thread went bye-bye.

That thread isn’t here.
That thread was never here.

Now I know! Thank you!

:smiley: Eh, just out of morbid curiosity, may I ask why they aren’t welcome here?

They asked too many questions.

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