What the hell hit this plane?

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[Officials Ponder Plane Damage](Officials Ponder Plane Damage)

I can’t open the link.


It has to be a bird strike. What else could it be?

Another view

With no blood or guts splattered across the plane?

A 1920’s style death ray perhaps?

Oh, maybe the treadmill shut off unexpectedly! The plane just ran into the console at the front of the treadmill!

Actually it looks like it was dented by another airplane , so this guy rear ended someone and never mentioned it. Plane lands and its a big mystery.


Yeah, just look for a 737 that has 100 cases of whiplash on board.

A meteor ( unlikely yes, but possible ) ?

A piece that fell off another plane ?

Mary Poppins ? I assume the umbrella kept blood from getting on the plane . . .

The pilot of the aircraft he hit would’ve felt and reported it though. Most aircraft damage seems to come from either birds or ground vehicles. Perhaps a catering truck backed into it and didn’t tell anyone, but then the captain would’ve noticed on his walk-around. Maybe a skydiver? :eek:


It MUST have happened on the ground! As people have said, it couldn’t have gone unnoticed if it had occurred during a flight. Could it?

Aliens. They’re probably going to return Glen Miller.

Rocky the Flying Squirrel

Looks more like it was Bullwinkle the catapult launched Moose…


That’s the strongest part of the plane, I doubt a bird could do that kind of damage. Anyone hear anything about pterodactyl sightings?

A flying priest?


Why do you say that? Going from the images of the ‘dent’, that part looks like aluminum skin with no bracing underneath. I’ll admit I know little about the construction of airliners.

Here I am to save the day
That means that Mighty Mouse is on…CRASH! :smack:

Just a hunch. Typically the conical portion of a structure is the most resilient to denting.