What the hell, is it with thread copiers??

Or is it some other way?

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Since you were (hopefully) doing this for a joke, just let me say that that was uncalled for… It really pisses me off, and I was hoping for an ANSWER or SUGGESTION rather than bullshit.

It’s evolution in action :slight_smile:

Thanks for the chuckle, and mess on my monitor manhattan.

::Going to get a fresh beer::


It is. Mebbee God does work in mysterious ways.

I have a SUGGESTION for ya. If you get “really pissed off” when someone takes a piss outta ya (nice work manny), don’t start a thread in The Pit.

It’s a damn MPSIMS post. There’s all sorts of banal effluvia over there. That’s exactly what it was built for.

Besides, it’s much more fun to mock the posts over there. For example, check out the forum’s Kissing thread where the OP challenges contemporary human thought by suggesting that kissing is good. Not since scholars hypothesized that shit smells has the philosophical world been turned on its collective ear.

See? Now you try. :slight_smile:

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

IOW, Alphagene:

Counterattack, get over yourself, pal.


Alphagene: Nice mock! I most heartily concur with the substance without the intention of its giver. Yes, the kissing thread is a hard thread to digest, so much deep thought there. I spend much of my time contemplating the hierarchical structure of the labyrinthine convulotions of thought that the prosaic exactitude connotes. The originator must be a genius. Maybe?

For what a man had rather were true he more readily believes.

Summbich, I missed the comma.

Good one, manny. :slight_smile:

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