Yet more funny sequential thread titles

Sorry to start up something that’s been done to death, but I just saw something in Great Debates that almost made me shoot Pepsi out of my nose.
Did Jesus ever experience an orgasm?
The Perils of the Excluded Middle

If you don’t get it right away, just give it a little thought.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying the juxtapositions as the “Smells that remind you of something” thread wanders up and down the page

another Star Trek/Star Wars crossover question…

A good waste of time

I am a thread killer
My sexual encounter with a physiotherapist

Battlefield Earth,

A Good Waste of Time

Info about other dopers

almost killed by a portable toilet.

Haha :slight_smile:

Alright ladies, now that you’ve seen my pic, I know what your thinking…

What fantasy world would you live in?

(change the “would” to “do” as my poor caffeine starved brain did, and it’s REALLY amusing.)