Sequential threads I just couldn't pass up

Yeah, I know. The sequential thread thing has been done to death. But I just couldn’t pass up:

What’s the longest you’ve gone without pooping?
What Bicentennial crap did you have?

Something about going a bicentennial between poops struck me as uncomfortably funny…

That’s deserving of resurrecting the done-to-extremes idea, all right!

I spotted two that tickled my fancy today (I have an extremely ticklish fancy) and was wondering if it would be overkill to post them. But since you started the thread…

From Comments on Cecil’s Columns:
> Not to be a dick, but…
> Circumcision - Whose penis is it?

> Long signatures are a bad idea
> One word only thread

as seen in IMHO:

*Ask The Teenager II!
*More Difficult: cunnilingus or fellatio?

*Work lust. Have you been tempted?
*Think of the children! A potential religious dilemma.

separated by that pesky Philosophy thread, but should be sequential…
*What do you do while waiting for a slow Internet respone.
*7 Deadly Sins…Your Fave?
as seen in MPSIMS:

*Death’s down the hall and he wants to dance
*My Wife, The Angel of Death

*Fat guys with satisfying sex lives, post here!
*A Good Lesbian is Hard to Find

I saw this earlier today and I just knew it was going to be in the OP:

My Love Life. . . An announcement
Fat guys with satisfying sex lives post here

And On the Freeway Today We Have…
Houston Dopers… Again???

how 'bout…
And on the freeway today we have…
Remember the guy that road raged the little dog?
Obvious implications here…:smiley:

I’ve been watching Loony Toons for 7 hours…
All Adult people don’t laugh much

Sir Harry Secombe has died
Doing ghastly things to Barbie


I hate to say this, but…
god is a prick!

Snuff films (GQ)
Overpopulation (GD)

Would it be funny if I named my puppy
Network Problem

Mr. Cynical ruins it for everyone. (long and pointless)
What am I talking about?

and the best I’ve seen in a while …

Ridiculously absurd impossible things you wish you could do
I can’t make my girlfriend get an orgasm