3+ Sequential Threads only...

Sometimes some planets align in the universe and you get a bunch of thread s together that are so serindipitous theat it is sheer poetry…

Please feel free to add your own, but only 3+ in a row please :slight_smile:


What proportion of women who give blowjobs like to do so?

Guys - how do you, uh, whip it out?

When did you know he/she wasn’t the one?

Nominations for “Most Hideous Disease”? (WARNING, TMI, gross-out, etc) ***

Genius I tell you! :slight_smile:

This struck me as what might have been an interesting, if not somewhat disturbing, conversational snippett:

***Anyone ever recognize someone from online porn?

I feel dirty.

NO! No no no no! Nooooooo! Mine! (I’m Two Years Old Now) or Long and Listy

I know she loves me,…

Is this a great country, or what? ***


Is this a great country, or what?
Ask the guy who used to frequent hookers!
Old School Gaming goodness…
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show