What the Hell is This? Latest Trump Video

This whole thing with “we’re gonna see something HUGE!!!” is just like those doomsday cults that have a prophecy that the world is going to end on a certain date and then when it doesn’t happen they just move the date up. It’s ridiculous.

It bears repeating.

As ridiculous as a reality tv star being elected the president of the United States?

Cat Whisperer
“Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king.” - S. Bob

“And I’ll announce our plan for healthcare in two weeks,”

isn’t much different than

"John, you’re fired. [Turns to face camera.] “Tune in next week to find out why.”

In my lifetime, US Presidents have been diverse: a peanut farmer, a movie star, a WWII general, and any number of lawyers. But at least they were fairly competent and capable at doing the job. Some better than others; and things, some of which were outside their control, didn’t always go smoothly. However, none treated the presidency like it was a farm, a movie set, a WWII battlefield, or a courtroom.

Trump treated the presidency like it was a reality TV show. Starring him, of course. Everything was a teaser to hold the audience’s attention, and keep tuning in; while little to nothing that Presidents normally do, got done. Everything was about the ratings.

I think the US could handle another peanut farmer or movie star. I don’t think it could handle another reality TV host.