What the hell is this white box above the doorway?

It’s not a smoke alarm

what door? Looks like it may be a doorbell chime or speaker or whatever it is called.

Thanks! I think you’re right

Can’t help wondering, have you never seen one before?

It’s obviously a big brother/gubment recording device.

I’m wondering why he chose that username with that as his first post?

Er, I mean welcome to the dope, OldMrKnowItAll!

I’d never seen one before until I bought a house with one in my mid-20s. Some houses just don’t have doorbells, and you don’t always notice them in other peoples’ houses :slight_smile:

I know, the Clampets hadn’t seen one when they got to Beverly Hills.

We could certainly use a know-it-all around this place! We don’t presently have any that I’m aware of. :smiley:

Ding dong or ting-a-ling?

Hey! :smiley:

Looks like a doorbell to me.

Fan mail from some flounder?

Great username, OldMrKnowItAll, welcome!

It’s a mezuzah for really tall people.

:smiley: That brings back a great TV memory.

The first season of Beverly Hillbillies was fabulous.

Since this apparently been answered, I’m going to close this.