What the HELL is with St. Louis ?????

The gal at the gas station is rude and coarse. I go for dinner in the hotel restaurant the other night. The server comes over when I am barely HALF WAY through eating my dinner.

She: Hi. Can I get you anything else? A box for that? "
Me: Um. No. I’m still eating it.
She: Uhh…okay.

My god. The restaurant was about 25 tables, maybe 30 big including some booths. I was in a booth. There were 6 women a few tables away nursing dessert and tea. There was ONE other booth with 4 men. Otherwise, the place was EMPTY so they weren’t pulling plates to make me hustle out.

It was just plan rudeness. I mean, truly " hey you fucking longhair Yankee speck of shit why not just take your dinner out here right now " rude.

Fuck. This. Shit. You don’t like my dollars? Take it to the manager. I stop by the Home Depot to pick up some sunglasses. The help is nearly incapable of communication.

What the hell IS with this place???


Home Depot for sunglasses? I never would have thought of that.

Huh. I was in St. Louis this fall, and the waitstaff at all the restaurants were very polite, even though I was with a large group of other people, who usually had a couple of special requests at every meal. (Vegetarian, hold the meat. Lactose intolerant, hold the cheese. That sort of thing.) One waiter even set aside a table for our coats, since most of them were too long to hang on the back of chairs without dragging.

Of course, I was also there the weekend the Cardinals won the World Series, so maybe civic spirit was running high or something.

ETA: We were all Yankees, too. Pretty obvious, since we were all running around saying Wisconsin properly, instead of Wesconsin.

A guy from New York pitting St. Louisans about rudeness…


(Is it possible that you just ran into a couple of rude people, and that it doesn’t necessarily reflect upon an entire city?)

Perhaps the people that go into that place are all “ten minute meal eaters” and the waitress isn’t used to people who linger over a meal, making exceptions for regulars? Aw heck, it might really have been rudeness. I hate when servers do that with no apparent cause.

Yankee? I didn’t realize I was that far south. :slight_smile:

Heh. I lost my shades. It was early. The gas station had none that were appealing. Home Depot sells shatter resistant sunglasses. I knew this.

Of course I just ran into a few rude people. They’re everywhere. Even in New York, so I hear. Being raised in Philly, I really wouldn’t know about rude New Yorkers but I hear tell… :wink:

I agree, they may well be used to quickie diners, though it is not set up as a coffee shop(pe) akin to those one might find down by the Interstate. Was that the case, I’d understand. I was dining alone, out of town. I’d brought my novel and the rest of my evening. That shouldn’t have mattered. They were not close to closing- I wouldn’t have even sat DOWN if they were. I’d have ordered to go.

Yes, you are that far south. People in MARYLAND see us as Yankees, for god’s sake. :smiley:

I was going to comment on that, too. I’d always considered St. Louis as part of the Midwest. My mother considers it “southern” but she’s never been to the South and, well, she lives in northern Wisconsin. Everything is southern to her. There definitely are parts of Missouri with a Dixie feel to them, though.

/end nitjack

It wasn’t the Home Depot at Page and 170, was it? The customer service there is pretty much nonexistent. I went there to get some landscaping blocks a few weeks ago and nobody would show up to help me load them up. I gave up on their helping me load them onto the flatbed (after three pages) and waited three more pages before somebody came to load them into my car.

Just out of curiosity, what hotel/restaurant were you at?

What time was it? Perhaps the restaurant was closing and they wanted to get outta there. Not an excuse for bad service, but maybe an explanation.

I’m from St. Louis too. Curious as to exactly where you were.

It is wrong to characterize an entire city, state or region. Millions of people cannot be summed up in a few words. On the other hand, I lived in Missouri for five years. I honestly think the OP is right. I have never met more argumentative, rude and incompetent people in one small area in all my born days.

I don’t know why you perceived her as rude. She offered to give you a box and get you anything else you wanted. Maybe it appeared to her that you were slowing down and couldn’t finish your plate or that you were ready for dessert.

whatever you jerk!

St. Louis is the shit and if you don’t like it then you can just… go back to… Canada or something!

what you don’t know is that we have very intricate dining customs. It’s considered rude to sit in a restaurant for more than ten minutes. It’s an insult to the cooks and waitstaff because St. Louis food is special and is meant to be sampled initially and then savored all day.

so there! jerk!


Actually, the “Go back to New York (or Canada)” sort of thing is quite common throughout Missouri, in my experience.

My guess is the waitress was at the end of her shift and was hoping you’d be leaving soon so that she could collect your tip and get on out of there and off to her second job…at Home Depot.

Could it be that St. Louis (like DC) is one of those border cities that combine Southern efficiency with Northern charm?

Could be. JFK said that about DC.

Odd that KC has the best barbecue in the galaxy. Saint Louis has “toasted ravioli.”

If you used to have slaves, then you are southern.

Getting a haircut might help, ya damn hippie.