What the hell were the Ad execs smoking?

Inspired by the new Bounty kitchen roll advert.

The newest in the “Brenda and Audrey” series- a spoof of the the housewife A uses brand X…look how crap it is, Housewife B uses OUR brand, look how wonderful it is. The spoof part is that “Brenda” and “Audrey” are men in dresses. Not properly dragged up men, just middle-aged, fat men, with beards, in dresses and wigs, with some lipstick on.

The newest advert sees them in Amsterdam “home of some of the filthiest windows in Europe” cleaning two of said windows. Yes, that’s right, Audrey and Brenda are cleaning the windows of those booths that prostitutes use. The last scene of the advert hows both “women” sitting on chairs in thes booths, one behind a filthy pane, the other behind a sparkling one. The motto “Cleaning windows needn’t be a pain in the Glass” comes up.
Now, I found it funny, in an “I can’t believe they’re showing this” sort of way. The more I think about it though, the more i wonder what, exactly the ad execs were smoking when they came up with it.

Anyone else got example of “I can’t believe they’re showing this” adverts?

No example, but I’d like to see that ad here.

God, I hate those adverts.

Sounds like the execs were thinking “Hey, if we set the next one in Amsterdam, we can go and visit on a research trip.”

Yep, photopat my other thought was “they’d never get away with this in America!”

Quite right Irishgirl, 'cause, you know, we’re too easily offended over here. :rolleyes:

I generally hate all advertisements with a few occasional exceptions, so I can’t really single out any as being particularly weird or annoying. I have a particularly strong hatred for radio commercials though, and McDonalds radio commercials are truly loathsome.

Oh, and the cereal ads where a stupid looking guy is eating a bowl of cereal that is so crunchy that he can’t hear anything that’s being said to him but does he stop eating long enough to know what’s going on? Of course not.

[homer simpson]I hate them so much.[/homer]