What the hey is this panel?

What is this panel that shows up to the left of every page I visit on the SDMB? This just started happening today. It has a gray block with a white T, “Related Searches,” and links to “Forum Software,” “Internet Forum Software,” and “House Auctions in Beijing”.

WTF is it and HTF can I turn it off?

That last one makes me think you have a virus/malware/something that doesn’t belong.

Just remembered something. Last time I had an issue like this, it was because the Internet Service Provider deemed it necessary to have those. Since I am in Beijing, I’m not freaked out by things mentioning Beijing. Maybe my ISP has decided to change the way they do business since we on-campus residents are pretty much a captive audience and the provider doesn’t have to sweat pissing us off too much.

“What the hey”? Where is that from? I have vague memories of saying that as a kid in New England.

Also, does it matter if you change your DNS servers to Google? (Can you?)

I’ve heard “What the hey” all my life, mostly from my Baptist relatives.

I work with a woman who accepts that her browser window is tiny, due to the multiple tool bars taking up space. Sounds like a problem she would encounter. Malware?

Y’all hit the big ones: ISP or malware, possibly both. On an ISP, I would only expect it if the service is cheap or free. Malware would be more common–especially if you’ve installed any software that came with toolbars.

Got it. The ISP decided that we all should be using some search program none of us here on the campus has ever heard of. Luckily, 'twas easy to uninstall. Oh, well. Such is life abroad.

That, BTW, is precisely what I meant by “both.” They probably get paid money to do that, assuming they did it on purpose.

A euphemism for “What the hell,” for those who find “What the heck” too salty an expression.:slight_smile:

Much as Heck is where you can be darned to, Hey is where you can be danged to.

What the H is with all this swearing?

Sorry. I’ll try to keep the g.d. language to a bare effing minimum.

There’s a church in Seoul with an interesting website: gdchuch.org.

Any church in Seoul must be a church with soul.