What the %$#@ is this thing called (wedding related)

I want something similar tothis for my wedding, but circlet, head piece, headdress and the like don’t seem to be specific enough and adding fantasy, medieval etc, doesn’t help. My Google-fu is failing me. Help!

I am puzzled. Is there a reason that you can’t buy it from the site you linked to (or rather, the site you get to if you close the Google preview image and thus get through to the site and original image itself)? It appears that they will ship it to USA addresses for $5, and to non-US addresses for. $14.50.

According to that site, it is a “Blue Tan Wedding Circlet Medieval Renaissance SCA Larp Fair.” But it is probably made only by this one person who is offering it for sale, so I doubt that you will find anything quite like it elsewhere.

I don’t want that particular one, (it’s the wrong color) i just want something similar. Here’s another example It’s just “medieval circlet” too hmm, maybe there’s not a specific name.

According to your first link, the seller designs and makes these by hand. The seller adds that they are “happy to make costume orders, please allow 7 working days.”

Considering the other misspellings (like “Renascence” [sic]), I bet that “costume” should actually be “custom.” Why don’t you try contacting the seller and ask them if they can make one to your specifications?

I think circlet is right. Google keeps helpfully including “circles” in my results (man, I hate that “feature”). How to make.

a tutorial with drawings to make a fabric circlet

What about a diadem? Usually a fairly broad term as far as crowns/ornamental headpieces but maybe if you add in some of those other specific parameters it might at least give you some new options when searching.

Beautiful cite.