What the legal age to buy fireworks in PA?

I’ve seen some stores that have signs saying 18 and others saying 16. Which is it?

That’s odd-I thought it was illegal to even sell fireworks in PA. Most people I know go to Ohio to get them.

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According to some of the billboards I’ve seen on the Turnpike, fireworks in PA are illegal and you have to go to neighboring states to buy them. According to this site, you can have fountains and novelty items without a permit, but anything that shoots up in the air has to have a permit apparently both from the state cite, but also from the local government.

That said, I think you have to be 18.


That’s one of the cute things about fireworks…it’s illegal for PA residents to buy them in PA, but they can go across the state line to Ohio to buy them, while only non-residents can buy fireworks in PA.

Aaaahhh…I see. Heh.

That makes about as much sense as anything else in PA.