What the secret behind Waffle House Cheese n' Eggs???

O.K. at Waffle House they have their special “Cheese n’ Eggs” which are really really yummy.

What makes them so especially yummy is how the cheese and the eggs are perfectly blended together. How do I do this at home?

I first started trying with real cheese. When it wasn’t blending the way I had hoped, I moved on to Velveeta. Still, I can’t get the cheese and eggs to blend the way they do at Waffle House. The best I can get are bits of egg coated with melted cheese, or a kind of cheese and egg “soup”, where the “broth” is the melted cheese and the egg just sits within the cheese.

How do I do it Waffle House style???

If I remember correctly, WH uses American cheese, although I’m not sure how. It’s not really a grate-able thing, is it?

I used to make scrambled eggs with Kraft Singles by tearing a slice into little pieces (about fingernail size) and ‘sprinkling’ them as best I could into the eggs. The eggs should only be cooked a little when you do this, so the cheese has time to melt and blend in, but not too early, so as to avoid burnt bits. Although the burnt bits taste pretty good, IMO.

Use American Cheese, wait until the eggs are almost done, then slap a slice on it and fold it over. Wait a few seconds, then stir. If you put the cheese in too soon, you get glop, if too late, you get hard eggs in cheese gravy. However, YMMV, because I believe WH beats the eggs in a blender, making them turn out very fluffy. The effect you’re experiencing might be how the cheese fills the airholes in the fluffy eggs or something.